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Education Operations Analytics

The department of Operations Analytics aims at integrating academic theory and practical application of supply chain management.

The educational programme is built around the design of a supply chain management concept, which starts with the translation of corporate strategy into customer service requirements. These requirements are then used to model the network, supply chain control, the organizational structure and the information and communication technology.

In our education programme, a variety of methods is used to help students learn the details of supply chain management. The classes are very interactive with much room for practicing (e.g. through simulation modeling), discussion of case studies and for team based work (e.g. in analyzing concrete supply chains, using the theory discussed). The learning is further enhanced by means of company visits, in which either the details of operations within a company (such as in course 'Supply Chain Execution') are analysed or a supply chain of companies (such as in the course 'Advanced Transportation and Logistics'). Most of our students easily find jobs in logistics positions within well-established companies.