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Join the PhD teaching community

Get inspired and develop your professional growth in this community of PhD students with a passion for teaching and learning.

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The PhD Teaching Community is here for all the PhD’s at the VU.
We offer a place where you can learn and ask questions. Where you can meet other PhD students, work together and learn from each other. Talk about the beautiful and the difficult things you encounter in teaching.

We are here to listen and help if we can. So that you can grow in your educational career path and as a human being.

Up until now we’ve designed four pathways you can follow to learn what you want to learn. Each path leads to different knowledge and skills. You are welcome to try out all or just some of them. All year long or just when you have a question.

We would really like to grow the way our PhD students want us to grow. So we would appreciate your input. That way we’ll become valuable for all future PhD students.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe for all/some activities via this form whenever you want:

  • Secure base meetings (a walk-in once every two weeks. Here you can ask questions and learn about yourself)
  • Workshop series (You can sign up for workshop series of your choice)
  • Coaching (join a coach team and learn to coach)
  • Innovation team (join a lesson-innovation team and meet about four times. Or join an innovation team to work on a bigger project) 

For whom
We are looking for PhD students at VU who are keen to pioneer and able to think out of the box. As a teacher, tutor, supervisor, mentor, coach, student guide and assessor, you are bringing your whole person to the classroom, which starts with a personal vision for education. Throughout the journey you will explore your inspiration, drivers, and vision as a teacher – which in turn reinforces your personal and professional identity. This asks for an inclusive and safe group in which you can share and learn together. 

Our ambition is to become a community of learners for life in which we participate actively for at least one year and have the possibility to celebrate our learnings annually with our alumni.

Are you a junior teacher? Please check the programme 'Professioneel docentschap voor junior docenten' (Dutch) or 'Professional teachership for junior teachers' (English)

More about this programme
Dates and registration

PhD students help each other at teaching

PhD students help each other at teaching

Article in Advalvas about the PhD Teaching community (22 November 2022).
When you are facing a group of students for the first time, there are so many things to pay attention to. Do I talk too fast? Can I be heard? Is my story comprehensible? Haven't I overlooked any material? "Those are the basic questions when people are just starting to lecture," says Susan Voogd, who is an education expert guiding the PhD Teaching Community.

Read the full article (in Dutch only)
Painting by member of the PhD Teaching Community

Contact and further information

Content-related questions

If you have any questions about the content of this course, please contact the coordinator of this PhD Teaching Community: Susan Voogd,

Questions regarding registration, planning and payment

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