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Student Council Elections

Last updated on 26 April 2024
In the third week of April 2024 (15 to 18) the student council elections took place. During these elections, you could cast your vote for a VU student who will help decide on VU policies on your behalf or participate as a candidate yourself. The r

The University Student Council (USR) and Faculty Student Councils (FSR) are made up of new student members every year. Each VU student gets to have a say in who the new student representatives become by voting in the Student Council elections. Each student has two votes: one for the USR and one for their own FSR.

To become a member of one of the student councils, you must stand for election. You can read how to stand for election here.

Why are the elections so important?

At both central and faculty levels, students have the right to have a say. This participation ranges from the right to information and advice to the right to consent. In other words: students get to have a say in VU policies!

Student participation is expressed in student representation for which there are elections every year. So every year you have the chance to vote for the issues and candidates that suit you best!

Do you want your voice to be heard too? Then it is important that you will vote once again in 2025!

The Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is an independent committee that secures the process of elections. The rules for elections are laid down in the Electoral Regulations for Student Councils.

Jon Schilder


Alma van Donk

Staff member

Mariam Tachaout

Student Member

Stefanie Snoeren

Staff Secretary

Do you have any questions or need advice?

Please feel free to contact us.

For questions about the candidate list, contact the Elections Commission at

If you want to claim the allowance to campaign, contact Sena Zeewijk.

If you want advice or help with campaigning, contact Ezra Lodder.


  • Ezra Lodder
  • Project leader Strengthening Participation
Profile picture Ezra Lodder