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Entrepreneurship cases

Stories that bring entrepreneurship theory to life

Amsterdam's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship education shines through its financial support for creating a series of teaching cases with real-life stories. Learn through a captivating videoseries about serial entrepreneurship, fighting gender barriers, racism, establishing a social enterprise in a capitalist world, the importance of a good team and traveling the bumpy road from performing research to running a business. 

"People said: Oh come on, you don't have experience, this is a mans world, you are never going to make it."

- Eva de Mol, Founder CapitalT

Developed by teachers from VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and University of Amsterdam.

Compelling entrepreneurship cases

Teaching notes
Teaching notes and case updates are available upon request. The cases are particularly suitable for advanced Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses, as well as executive education programs. Send an e-mail to with:

  • ‘Subject’: requesting teaching notes + case update + case name
  • Exemplify in which course you plan to use the case
  • Your full name, your function (eg. teacher, assistant/associate/full professor)
  • Name of your higher education institution

By immersing students in real-life cases, you help them gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship theory

The digital wild west

"It didn't matter, what type of background you had, what type of gender or education. To me it was a space where I could experiment, where I learned a lot of new things and encounter the unknown. I have always been curious to the unknown." 

- Ruben Brave, tech entrepreneur and fighter of racial discrimination