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Ancillary activities professors

By publishing the ancillary activities of its academic staff, VU Amsterdam aims to make the independence and impartiality of scientific research at VU Amsterdam transparent and understandable to third parties.

This aligns VU Amsterdam with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018, which includes principles on good research and teaching. VU Amsterdam also aligns with the Sectoral scheme covering ancillary activities, as included in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities. Under this regulation, all scientists within VU Amsterdam are obliged to report their ancillary activities, there is permission from the supervisor and ancillary activities are published.

The VU research portal lists professors and endowed professors from all faculties.

Besides the listing of ancillary activities of professors, the ancillary activities of many other scientists affiliated with VU Amsterdam are also published on their personal pages which can be found on the VU research portal.

Collected list

In the interests of transparency, the ancillary activities of professors and endowed professors is published quarterly in a collected list. Information on professors and their ancillary activities can now be found in one recognisable place, in addition to on their personal profile pages. With this collected list, Dutch universities are aiming to improve the disclosure of data on professors' ancillary activities. Universities share the opinion of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science that it must be clear who is involved in funding professorial chairs and scientific research, what work for third parties professors carry out and how this relates to their work at the university. This will eliminate any impression of conflicts of interest.

The reference date of the current collected list is 31 January 2024. This list includes details that must be declared on the basis of the sectoral scheme covering Ancillary activities. Emeritus professors are not part of this list.

The collected list includes a separate tab for VU Amsterdam and for ACTA.

  • The tab for VU Amsterdam
    This tab lists all VU Amsterdam professors and endowed professors, including the registered ancillary activities. If no ancillary activities is applicable, then this is indicated in column C.
  • The tab for ACTA
    The ACTA tab lists all professors and endowed professors of ACTA, including the registered ancillary activities. If no ancillary activities is applicable, then it is indicated in column D. ACTA (Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam) is the partnership of the Faculties of Dentistry of the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. However, all ACTA employees are registered in the system of VU Amsterdam. As a result, in this collected list, ACTA-UvA professors and endowed professors are also listed alongside those of ACTA-VU. This detail can be recognised in column C.

For a complete and up-to-date overview of all ancillary activities, please visit the personal profile page of the specific scientist.

An overview of endowed and sponsored chairs VU Amsterdam has been published on since 2023.

General information on the ancillary activities scheme

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