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The final event of IBA Lab: students presented their ventures

10 June 2024
On May 24th IBA Lab students presented their pilots developed in collaboration with Waveren Horse Stables and De Regenboog Groep.

The IBA Lab course offers a hands-on learning experience for students of the International Business Administration program at the School of Business and Economics, helping them cultivate skills in entrepreneurship with a focus on social and economic impact. 

The course comprises two parts: IBA Lab I and II.  IBA Lab I is guided by y Christer Guldemond and Johannes Loh  from the Management and Organization department. Here, the students developed innovative ideas for Waveren and De Regenboog Groep. In IBA Lab II, led by Amanda Porter and supported by Damla Diriker and Laura Nino from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, students were equipped with the necessary knowledge to test their ideas for viability and impact. Within an on-site lab space, students gained project-based experience while developing their collaboration skills. Additionally, digital tools provided continuous connections with peers, coaches, and our social organization partners. 

On May 24th, IBA Lab visited De Regenboog Groep, an Amsterdam organization dedicated to harnessing community strength to assist those in need, and Waveren, a horse riding school committed to making horse riding accessible in a responsible and animal-friendly manner, with a goal of societal impact.

Seven groups of students presented their pilot results:


Arcus Iris Student Association

This student association assists students interested in volunteering. The initiative actively promotes De Regenboog Groep to the university population, organizing clothing drives to gather donations for those in need, efficiently recruiting and coordinating student volunteers to support the social mission of De Regenboog Groep.

Students: Rimantas Ulozas, Elias Gaudry, Yiiyasi Yibulayimujang, Mickey Hoevenaars, Dohyeong An.

Project HI

Plastic bottle collection points within De Regenboog Groep daily shelters ensure an increasing return rate of plastic bottles. These shelters provide essential support services to collectors, addressing their immediate needs and guiding them toward stability. Project HI shortens the distance to social workers, fosters a supportive environment for professional collectors, and contributes to sustainability.

Students: Hong Ngoc (Sofie) Nguyen, Roos Snel, Sara Müller, Mees Broekema, Roxanne Motaharipour, Serdar Kiliç, Vivian Schurman, Lara Krysztopik, Weizhen Weizhen, Barbanas Reti.


EXPOSURE@REGENBOOGGROEP aims to boost exposure for De Regenboog Groep by recruiting new volunteers and raising awareness. The project aims to recruit via student group chats and TikTok and create a guidebook on using TikTok for De Regenboog Groep. The students believe these efforts will significantly increase awareness and volunteer numbers for De Regenboog Groep.

Students: Sebastian Arvesen, Enrico Lammertink, Ferran Geremias Fontanet, Bob Verniers , Xiaomai Hu, Wenxuan Zhao. 


Bridging generations

This venture creates a meaningful social impact by offering the elderly community experiences that help reduce loneliness. The project supports Waveren financially by renting out its canteen to elderly communities. In return, Waveren provides a warm, safe and engaging environment where the elderly can socialize, interact with horses, and enjoy a change of scenery, providing therapeutic benefits. 

Students: Mar Carreras Santana, Derin Eskenazi, Camila Guiñazú Dolan, Gilles Kamangaza, Kemal Uslu. 

Waveren Wednesday

The innovative afterschool program transforms underutilized spaces into vibrant, creative environments for children. Children enhance their creativity and social skills in engaging settings, while parents gain peace of mind. For Waveren, the program generates new revenue and increases brand awareness. In the long term, children see sustained improvements, and the community gains access to quality afterschool care, fostering a stronger, more connected environment.

Students: Arta Bacović, Giacomo Benzoni, Stella Junghanß, Kaitlyn Sjauw Mook.

Away Day

The venture aims to turn Waveren into an ideal setting for relaxed and productive away days. The flexibility of the canteen and the stable's location ensures comfort throughout the day, making Waveren the perfect spot for hosting corporate events and team-building activities.

Students: Raéesha Bashir, Anastasia Boldova, Safae Hadi, Saman Safawi. 

Silver hair sanctuary

The initiative aims to help Waveren generate revenue by offering Waveren’s facilities to retirement homes, allowing the elderly to interact with horses and enjoy a special experience. This interaction has been proven to help with Alzheimer’s and offers other health benefits for the elderly. Additionally, it enables Waveren to utilize their canteen during less busy hours, creating an additional revenue stream and maximizing the use of their facilities.

Students: Bence Grasl, Eytan Hakim Zakuto, Yvonne Harinck, Rozbeh Hashemihefzabad, Frederika Lukáčová, Loreen Muthoni.

The students received feedback, and they continue to develop their ventures on the IBA Lab platform.