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Doubling of applications for VU's one-year master's in Theology and Religion

30 January 2023
The Faculty of Religion and Theology of VU Amsterdam sees the number of provisional applications for the one-year Master's programme doubling this year. The bachelor's programme in Theology and Religious Studies also remains popular, with 43% of new students opting for VU. Although a nationwide decline can also be seen here, VU Amsterdam remains one of the largest educators for academic theological professionals.

A total of 18 students have already applied for the bachelor's programme in Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) at a Dutch university. This time last year, there were also 18. Nearly half of them start their studies at VU Amsterdam. A total of 87 students have already  applied for the one-year master's programme. Of these, VU Amsterdam receives 19, compared to 10 last year. 

Relevant for professionals and society

"We are of course very happy that so many students choose us again," says Ruard Ganzevoort, dean of the VU faculty of Religion and Theology. "But at the same time, we are seeing a decline in all theological education in the Netherlands. That’s a challenge for all of us. We must ensure that we provide enough people who can lead faith communities or respond to moral and philosophical questions elsewhere in society. We do this, among other things, by training teachers and chaplains and by conducting research into, for example, the development of communities, religious heritage, sustainability and peacebuilding. In this way, we remain relevant for future theological professionals, and for society."

Meeting and contact

Stefan Zwaan, third-year student of Theology and Religion Studies at VU: "We meet Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists in our society. At the Faculty of Religion and Theology we learn what all these religious backgrounds entail and how to deal with people who live life in their particular way. For example, we get lectures on Islam and Hinduism, but also on how the different religions relate to each other. At the heart it’s about the question of how we are in contact with each other. Meeting is the main principle of the faculty."

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