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Concerns around the situation Israel and Palestinian regions / update

20 October 2023
The situation and developments in Israel and the Palestinian regions, where many innocent lives are being lost, are of great concern to all of us. The images of indescribable suffering we see in the media touch us deeply. VU Amsterdam firmly distances itself from all forms of violence against innocent civilians.

Even within VU Amsterdam, we have received many concerned and sometimes emotional responses over the past week about the tragic developments in Israel and the Palestinian regions. Like many of our students and staff, we are deeply concerned about the situation and its impact. Student and staff involvement is high. It is good to see that members of our community are committed to connecting at this very moment.

The situation in Israel and the Palestinian regions has a long, complex history and is highly polarised. As we have previously emphasised in our coverage, we believe it is very important not to drive further polarisation. Let us work together to ensure that this tragic situation does not divide us, but rather let us connect with each other and do our best to be there for each other during this difficult time. We can and may disagree with each other, but should accept each other with respect and dignity in all our diversity.

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