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Last updated on 13 October 2022
As an education network and a teacher community, KnowVU - Knowledge Network Education VU - has been important since 2015 for knowledge sharing on education and for educational innovation within VU Amsterdam.

The role of KnowVU has partly shifted with the establishment of the VU Network for Teaching & Learning (NT&L), of which KnowVU has become a part. The knowledge sharing that KnowVU used to provide via, for example, meetings and educational seminars, is now organized by NT&L. Also, educational innovation projects by teachers are now supported by NT&L.  

KnowVU's role as an educational think tank within NT&L has the following two main functions as of 2021. 

Connecting teachers with 'VU central' and with each other 

Connecting: staying in touch with the 'lecturer in the lecture hall' is and will remain an important role of KnowVU, and will be continued from NT&L. The informal network that KnowVU has built up is, through the KnowVU ambassadors, perfectly capable of reaching individual lecturers within the faculties and, vice versa, of letting the voice of these lecturers be heard at the central level. In addition, the exchange between the KnowVU ambassadors themselves has always proved valuable. 

Think tank of NT&L

KnowVU, consisting of the faculty KnowVU ambassadors below, is a think tank that will examine at regular intervals how the activities of NT&L relate to the (concertized) educational vision and to current educational practice.

At the moment, KnowVU serves as a sounding board for the VU-wide educational project Activating Blended Education and can be asked for advice by the working group on Future-Proof Education. KnowVU can also be asked as a sounding board to reflect on current educational issues or educational innovations on behalf of the lecturers within the represented faculties. 

KnowVU also puts items on the agenda on its own initiative. For example, one topic that KnowVU is currently looking into is the didactic added value of hybrid teaching.  

Everyone is a member of the VU Education Community

KnowVU used to be a network that you could become a member of by signing up. As of 2021, this is no longer the case. In principle, everyone who is committed to education within VU is already automatically part of the VU Education Community.

The activities of NT&L can be followed via the VU-wide communication channels, via the Canvas Online Education page and via LinkedIn.

Composition KnowVU think tank

Publication KnowVU think tank

In June 2021, the KnowVU think tank voluntarily submitted an advisory report to the Consultative Body for Portfolio Holders for Teaching (OPO) on hybrid education at VU Amsterdam. This advice was drafted in cooperation with master students Education and Innovation, which makes it a memorandum from both teachers and students. In September 2021, the OPO expressed their agreement with the contents of the document and the advice was forwarded to the Executive Board.

Read (Dutch only): Hybrid education at VU: an interim solution but not a permanent alternative

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