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Art of Engagement - The podcasts

Last updated on 3 April 2023
Do you know the four principles of Art of Engagement? Get inspired by these podcasts.

In this podcast series, Talitha Muusse interviews inspiring colleagues at VU Amsterdam about the four principles of Art of Engagement and how they can be applied at work. How can they help you grow as a team? And how can you use them to become an even better colleague and contribute to an open and engaged organisation?

Muusse’s guests share their personal views on a number of relevant and current topics, resulting in some great conversations. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to apply Art of Engagement, check out the episodes below (the podcasts are in Dutch; you can turn on the English subtitles on YouTube). 

  • AOE Podcast episode 1: Happiness at Work
    Interview with Professor Sander Begeer, about his own happiness at work, and that of his coworkers. To what extent do VU Amsterdam’s Art of Engagement principles help him achieve workplace happiness?
  • AOE Podcast episode 2: Personal Impact
    Interview with Associate Professor of Anthropology Ellen Bal, about her personal impact and how it has shaped her career.
  • AOE Podcast episode 3: Honesty
    Interview with Professor Sandjai Bhulai. Is honesty the same thing as being clear and transparent? And is it easy to be honest? Not always. Professor Bhulai shares some recognisable stories from everyday life at VU Amsterdam.
  • AOE episode 4: Loyalty
    Interview with director of operations Esther van de Hengel. How loyal are you to VU Amsterdam and what does loyalty at work actually mean? Esther shares her point of view and what strikes her as a relative newcomer at VU Amsterdam. 

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Are you looking for inspiration on how to apply Art of Engagement in your daily work?

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