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Open Access

Open Access publishing entails making your publication online available to everyone, free of charge. It is the ambition of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) to make all scientific publications openly available. The new Open Access policy makes open publishing the new norm for all VU researchers. The University Library offers support on the different publishing routes to Open Access to allow researchers to comply with these principles.

Diamond route
Your publication is immediately published Open Access at no cost to you as the author. Instead, institutions such as the VU, professional associations or funds support these diamond publishers/platforms on a non-profit basis.

Gold route
Your publication is immediately published Open Access after payment of a fee by you as author, the VU or your research fund.

Green route
Your publication is published Closed Access with a publisher, but the final authored version of the article is additionally made available in an Open Access repository after six months.

VU Open Access policy

From 1 January 2023, VU will implement a new policy which makes Open Access publishing the norm. By adopting this policy, VU takes its responsibility in supporting researchers in making their publications Open Access. Thus, the policy is in line with the requirements of an increasing number of research funding providers. This creates unity and clarity for researchers. Moreover, through this approach VU focuses on creating a sustainable and affordable publication landscape.

Under VU policy, scientific publications by VU authors should:

  • be registered in the VU Repository (PURE);
  • be made immediately Open Access under an open licence, where possible;
  • remain under the author's copyright, where possible;
  • to be made available via the VU Repository (PURE).

Read more about these principles in the VU Open Access policy or view the frequently asked questions & answers about the policy.

Why does VU adopt Open Access publishing as the new standard?
Making publications accessible to everyone is an important part of the ambition for Open Science. The principles of Open Science are widely accepted worldwide and are also reflected in open publishing. Making your scientific work Open Access has several advantages:

  • It ensures equal access to knowledge for everyone;
  • It broadens the visibility and impact of your work;
  • It accelerates the reuse of your work, thereby promoting innovation;
  • It increases transparency and thus trust in science.

Questions about Open Access publishing?

Please contact the Open Access team at the University Library!


Profile photo of Open Access librarian Anne van den Maagdenberg