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Grow towards professional teaching and obtain your UTQ in 2 years

At the start of your teaching career, there is a lot coming at you, while you may not yet have any idea how to teach well and deal with the large amount of work that comes your way. In this track you explore what kind of teacher you want to be, you learn about good teaching. In addition, you will exchange a lot with fellow junior lecturers about working at a university. At the end of the two years you will obtain your Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO), which demonstrates that you are competent to teach at a university.

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For whom?

This course is for beginning VU-junior lecturers, with little or no experience in teaching (2 years maximum). If you are a more experienced lecturer or a PhD student who wants to obtain a BKO, please see our regular BKO offer for the possibilities.

Content of the course
The course consists of twenty half-day meetings spread over two years (approximately one meeting per month). After those two years and carrying out the accompanying assignments you will obtain your BKO. In the beginning, the course is mainly about starting as a teacher: what are your challenges? what do you enjoy doing? what makes a good teacher? and how do you deal with the expectations of students, your colleagues and yourself?

Gradually during the first year we will shift the focus to the BKO competence 'educational practice'. You will learn which factors contribute to good teaching and will look for ways to apply this in your own teaching. In the second year the BKO-competencies 'designing education' and 'coaching students' are addressed and you will start to (re)design a course or part of a course. Throughout the course you will be supervised by experienced teachers from the VU Centre for Teaching & Learning and you will work together with the other participants.

More about this programme
Dates and registration
If you submit for this course, we'd like to plan a short intake with you to make sure this course fits your wishes and ambitions.

Contact and further information

Questions regarding content of the course

For questions about the content of this course, please contact Han Geluk:

Practical questions

If you have any questions about registration, planning and payment, please contact Carin Weitering, Team Higher Education,

Or call us at 020 598 4263.


  • Han Geluk
  • Coordinator Professional teachership for junior teachers