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What is VU Study Choice Check?

What is VU Study Choice Check?

Most Bachelor's degree programmes have adopted VU Study Choice Check. Apply for a Bachelor's degree programme with VU Study Choice Check before 1 May, before 1 April for non-EU/EEA students.

The application process includes a check to assess whether the programme is really suitable for you. You do this with VU Study Choice Check, which consists of a mandatory questionnaire in VUnet and (for most degree programmes) an online activity for which you will be invited via email.

You apply by working through the step-by-step plan for Bachelor's degree programmes with VU Study Choice Check.

With VU Study Choice Check you check whether the Bachelor’s study programme you are applying for suits you.

VU Study Choice Check consists of two parts:

  1. the Study Choice Check questionnaire, which is mandatory for almost all Bachelor’s study programmes.
  2. the (online) Study Choice Check activity. Participation in the activity is mandatory for some Bachelor degree programmes.

Read the VU Study Choice Check information on your Bachelor’s programme carefully.

The study advice is not binding if you apply before 1 May and may be binding after this date, depending on your Bachelor’s programme.

Do you want to apply for a Bachelor’s programme with VU Study Choice Check? Please follow these steps.

If you do not yet meet the requirements but expect to do so in the future (such as obtaining your diploma), you can already apply. We will evaluate your application and inform you of our admission decision. All outstanding requirements need to be met in full by the time you enrol for the programme.

Frequently asked questions

  • For who are the Study Choice Check activities?

    VU Study Choice Check is for anyone who enrols for the first year of a Bachelor's degree programme.

    If you apply for multiple Bachelor’s programmes at VU Amsterdam, you will need to complete the Study Choice Check process for all of them. See the webpage of the degree programme for more information about the Study Choice Check activities and requirements for your programme.

    VU Study Choice Check also applies if you participate in the Study Choice Check programme of another institution/university.

    However, there are a few exceptions:

    • For programmes with a selection procedure, different application and registration procedures may apply. Read the Admission Requirements for further information on the Study Choice Check or selection procedure.
    • For students who have received a binding recommendation on continuation of studies, the following applies:
      • If you apply for a higher education programme after 1 May and you have received a negative recommendation on continuation of studies after 1 May of the same calendar year, the Study Choice Check requirements for the relevant programme apply, but only if the Study Choice Check activity is still scheduled before the start of the new academic year.
      • If no Study Choice Check activity is scheduled, you may be exempted from the Study Choice Check requirements. If you have applied for a higher education programme before 1 May and you receive a negative recommendation on continuation of studies after 1 May, you cannot be exempted from the Study Choice Check requirements.

    If you have taken part in VU Study Choice Check, but you will not start your programme this year, you will need to participate in the Study Choice Check programme again next year. The results of VU Study Choice Check are only valid for one year.

    If you are already studying at VU Amsterdam and you wish to switch to another programme, VU Study Choice Check will also apply to you.

    If you have interrupted your studies and wish to continue with the same programme, you do not have to participate in the Study Choice Check.

  • Is it possible to be exempted and if so, what do I need to do to be exempted?

    Please contact the programme. To find out how, see the degree programme homepage.

  • I have been sent a reminder to complete the questionnaire, but I have already done this/the questionnaire is stuck. What should I do?

    Please contact student services by emailing

  • I have not received the results of the questionnaire. What has gone wrong?

    The results of the questionnaire will be sent to you at the email address you provided in Studielink. Please remember to check your spam folder. The report can also be accessed on VUnet, sometime after you complete the questionnaire, under My Study Administration > Complete application procedure > List of applications.

    If you have any other questions about VU Study Choice Check, please refer to the information on the degree programme homepage under Admission Requirements. If you cannot find the answer there, please contact our student services.

  • How does VU Amsterdam deal with personal data in the online Study Choice Check?

    Our privacy practices and the way we deal with personal data is outlined in our Privacy statement.

  • What are the consequences of applying before or after 1 May?

    Before 1 May

    If you have applied in Studielink before 1 May, the Study Choice Check recommendation is advice which is not binding. You can start your Bachelor’s study programme when you meet all the other admission requirements and have completed your registration.

    After 1 May

    When you apply after 1 May, the programme board will decide whether you may begin your Bachelor's degree programme. Some programmes will require you to participate in a late-registration Study Choice Check activity, and you may be rejected on the basis of the Study Choice Check recommendation. You can find more information on the webpage of your Bachelor degree programme.

  • How does the VU Study Choice Check work for my faculty?

    The information about the VU Study Choice Check may differ per faculty. Below you can find information about your faculty, in case any exceptions apply.

    Faculty of Humanities
    The study programmes Communication and Information Sciences (CIS), History, Philosophy, MKDA and Literature & Society will organize a study choice check activity on the campus on 7 June. There will also be an ongoing online activity via the Canvas online learning platform. Any questions? Mail to

    Faculteit of Law
    For the study programmes Criminologie, Notarieel Recht and Rechtsgeleerdheid [all in Dutch] differt rules apply. Read more


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