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Professionalism in Biomolecular Sciences

Preparation for your future career is not only theoretical knowledge and lab skills, we also want to support your skills development and self-awareness as a young professional on the job market.

This course begins by you creating your own guided professional development plan. What interests you? What needs your attention in the curriculum, but also what are potential career paths in research and the scientific sector that interest you? What skills and experiences can help to get you there? 

Professional training

You will take part in a series of spaced professional workshops across the master’s programme that align with ongoing activities in our curriculum, such as internships or coursework.

Topics of these workshops include:

  • Goal setting & managing your stress and time
  • Designing & managing your own work projects for impact
  • Giving & asking for effective feedback
  • Pitching your science and tailoring to audience and occasion.
  • Data visualization and management
  • Open & transparent scientific practice
  • Job market orientation & alumni career events
  • Knowing your strengths & how to set your job applications apart

Science is team work

Scientists are long shedding the stereotype that they only work alone in the lab or an ivory tower hidden away from society.

Together in small professional teams you will design and carry out your own CV-building Major Project for the course’s assessment. This small (40-hour) project of your own choosing helps you build skills from your own development plan and will bring you in contact with professionals from the field to build your professional network.

Our teaching staff and a professional from the field will mentor you on your self-initiated project, so you can collect evidence of your growth and learning for the final portfolio.

Team project inspiration?

Read some of our student projects below, how they developed these project ideas and what it has contributed to their preparation for the job market.