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Introduction activities for exchange students

The exchange introduction is the ideal way to get to know the university, your fellow students, and the city of Amsterdam.

VU Amsterdam is looking forward to welcoming all new international exchange students in August 2023! Your first days and weeks in Amsterdam will be filled with new experiences, new people and a few practical considerations too. That is why we will organise the following:

  1. Practical Matters Day - 22 and 23 August. Free of cost.
    The Practical Matters Days offers you the perfect opportunity to easily arrange practical matters in a short period of time. We do advise students to arrive a few days earlier, in order to settle in before the activities start.
  2. How to make it at VU Amsterdam - 24 August. Free of cost.
    During How to make it at VU Amsterdam, you will learn more about e.g. culture shock, grading culture in the Netherlands, and the Dutch language.
  3. Social programme - 25, 28 and 29 August. Costs: 25 euros
    Together with a group that consists of Exchange and Semester in Amsterdam students, you will discover all the hotspots on campus and in Amsterdam. You can expect an invitation email from mid-June onwards. Registration is possible via the link in this email until 16 August 05:00pm at the latest. Do not wait too long to register, because full = full!

Attending the introduction programme is not mandatory, however we strongly advise all exchange students to participate in the entire programme.

Photos may be taken during the Introduction Days for PR purposes. By registering for the programme, you agree to this. 

Why you want to join the introduction activities

Integration into Dutch culture
Successful integration into Dutch culture and making our international students feel at home and connected are key values of VU Amsterdam.  In this regard, the introduction programme is specially designed to get you off to a good start. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you participate in the entire programme!

Moving to Amsterdam to continue your academic career at a university abroad is both an exhilarating and perhaps slightly scary experience. After all, you will be alone in an unfamiliar place. We know it can be difficult to know where to go, what to do, how to organise, and what to prioritise. The introduction programme offered by VU Amsterdam plays a role in offering you a soft landing and preparing you for your new life in Amsterdam.

FAQ - General questions

FAQ - Registration and participation

  • Is it mandatory to participate in the VU exchange introduction?

    No it is not mandatory, but highly recommended! For new students, this introduction is a fun way to get to know your way around VU Amsterdam and the city better, and to make your first contacts with fellow students.

  • How can I register?

    Everyone who belongs to the category 'New VU exchange student'* will receive an invitation for the VU exchange introduction via email from mid-June onwards. You can only register via a sign-up button in this email. Please make sure to fill in all details.  

    Do you think you belong to this category, but have not yet received an invitation? Then send an email to

  • Until when can I register?

    You can register until 5pm on Wednesday, 16 August.

  • I am too late with my registration, what can I do?

    This is very unfortunate, but we cannot make any exceptions. You cannot register for the VU exchange introduction after 16 August, because we will assign the groups after that date. 

  • I registered but want to unsubscribe again. Will I get my money back?

    If you can no longer attend or are no longer going to study at VU Amsterdam, you can cancel by sending an email to with the reason for your cancellation. Make sure to do so no later than 16 August 2023. You will then receive a refund as soon as possible.

Maybe you were looking for this as well?

If you have questions about the exchange programme, you can schedule a 15-minute appointment by phone with a member of the incoming exchange team. You can book an appointment on Tuesdays between 1 and 2 PM, Dutch standard time. Please use our online tool to schedule an appointment.


  • Arnold Pannenborg
  • Coordinator Incoming Exchange
Arnold Pannenborg, International Officer
  • Neira Becar
  • Incoming Exchange Officer
Neira Becar, International Officer
  • Karoline von dem Berge
  • Incoming Exchange Officer
Karoline von dem Berge, International Officer