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Don't just become something, become someone at VU Amsterdam

When you study at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, you develop A Broader Mind. No matter which study programme you choose, you will be challenged to look beyond the boundaries of your academic discipline, at society and at yourself.

Society is facing many complex challenges, in areas such as sustainability, digitalisation and poverty. However, these are not issues that can be solved from the perspective of a single discipline. That is why, when you choose to study at VU Amsterdam, we teach you to take a broader view. It is important to us that you not only develop academically, but also on a personal and societal level. This way, you will be better prepared for the challenges of the future.

During your studies at VU Amsterdam, you can participate in the Broader Mind Course as a first-, second- or third-year bachelor's student. Along with students from other study programmes, you will work on four current, societal themes. You can choose from two tracks (in English). In track A, you will work on the themes Human Body, Poverty, Rebellion, and Success & Failure. The themes addressed in Track B are Digital World, Health & Happiness, Sustainability, and Viewpoints & Worldview.

You will alternate between online and offline activities. You will watch inspiring videos, read articles, have in-depth discussions with your fellow students, and also seek to be confronted with yourself. You will approach a societal issue from different academic and personal perspectives. When it comes to societal issues, you are often a contributor to the problem. This means that you should also be part of the solution. You will reflect on yourself, your role in society and how you relate to others. You will broaden your horizons, get the best out of yourself and contribute to a better world. If you choose VU Amsterdam, you don’t just become something, you become someone.

Broader Mind Course students share their experiences

At VU Amsterdam, you don't just become something, you become someone. Someone with academic expertise who is also mindful of society. Some of the students of the Broader Mind Course share their experiences.

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