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Capture opportunities of sustainability in organizations

Sustainability: Management and Innovation

Explore how organizations can capture opportunities of sustainability

This minor offers five courses, which are briefly described below. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to take a 12 EC internship as part of the minor instead of two of the listed courses. If you choose this option you have to arrange your internship in either in periods 1 and 2, or in periods 2 and 3. In case you have questions about internships you can contact Career Services at the Faculty of Business and Economics. They can answer your questions and support you in the application process.

For specific information about each course, please visit the study guide.

Overview courses

  • Grand challenges for sustainability

    “Sustainable development is development that seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability to meet those of the future” (Brundtland report). This course examines the main global developments that call for more sustainable policies, businesses, products and behaviours.

  • Shared value creation

    This course examines firms as embedded in society and a web of stakeholders. We move away from firms focused on profit-maximization only, towards companies that create shared values so that societal and natural values are incorporated into business goals.

  • Sustainable Business Processes

    Sustainability has to be operationalized through production and distribution methods and technologies. This course offers methods to evaluate and improve business processes from a triple bottom line perspective (including quantitative assessment methods for "People", "Planet", "Profit") and from a system dynamics perspective.

  • Organizing sustainable innovation

    This course explores the development of new products, services, and business models that capture business opportunities and contribute to sustainable development. This involves the development of technology-based innovations, but also new forms of organizing (e.g. ‘sharing economy’), and interactions with stakeholders.

  • Marketing sustainable innovations

    The final element in the value chain is to bring sustainable products and services to the market. The course offers a hands-on experience in which you are challenged to combine the insights gained in previous courses, into an attractive marketing plan that takes all stakeholders into account.

  • Internship

    It is possible to replace two of the courses for an internship that will be supervised by one of the lecturers of the courses. The courses to be replaced are one out of the two courses "Organizing sustainable innovation" and "Sustainable business processes" (both in period 2) in combination with either “Grand challenges for sustainability” (in period 1) or "Marketing sustainable innovations" (in period 3).