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Gain insight into risk issues from different perspectives

Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Skills for the job market

Risk management is an important issue for financial institutions, and is receiving more attention lately. In the financial world, there is an increasing need for academics with knowledge of risk management. They are needed for the relevant quantitative methods, and also for insights into new (technical) developments. With this minor, you generate knowledge in these areas and you develop skills that are useful within financial institutions. The minor forms a good start for a career within a financial institution and is always a good basis for other positions.

This minor offers five courses, which are briefly described below. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to take a 12 EC internship as part of the minor instead of two of the listed courses. If you choose this option you have to arrange your internship in either in periods 1 and 2, or in periods 2 and 3. In case you have questions about internships you can contact Career Services at the Faculty of Business and Economics. They can answer your questions and support you in the application process.

For specific information about each course, please visit our study guide.

Overview courses

  • Risk Management in Banking

    You will learn the fundamentals of banking and the working of banks in the financial markets. How does the business model of a bank work? What are the risks where the banks have to deal with? How can you identify, monitor and report the different risk types using quantitative analysis? We will discuss different risk types like credit risk, market risk, operational risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk. Additionally we learn how scenario-analysis and stress testing can help us to give insights in risks.

  • Risk Management in Financial Institutions

    This course is structured in two parts, The first part offers a comprehensive introduction in the business model of Insurance companies and the related risks. You will calculate the risks of an insurer in a practical assignment. The second part gives an introduction to financial instability, complexity and the added value of scenario thinking. You will develop a case with pre-mortem thinking.

  • Behavioral Risk Finance and Real Estate

    The goal of this course is to provide an overview of behavioral finance with insights from psychology and other behavioral sciences. It explains the main biases from rationality in human choice and shows how these behavioral insights can help to understand the dynamics of financial markets.

  • New developments in Risk Management

    This course has the objective to acquire knowledge in new developments in the financial sector and how this impacts the risk of financial institutions. Examples are blockchain, cybercrime, forensics, Big Data / machine learning, crisis management and sustainability. This course will be supported by experts from the field.

  • A Big Risk Experience

    This is the practical course in the minor. The objective is to experience a practical risk management case study. You will explore an actual risk topic and analyse the impact and risk management approach. Depending on the availability we will have some real risk management case studies from Financial Institutions. Other topics will be supervised by the VU. In a group of students you will be working on one of these cases. Your group will write a report and give a presentation.