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Develop insight into how technology changes our organizations

Understanding the digital transformations of organisations

This minor offers five courses, which are briefly described below. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to take a 12 EC internship as part of the minor instead of two of the listed courses. If you choose this option you have to arrange your internship in either in periods 1 and 2, or in periods 2 and 3. In case you have questions about internships you can contact Career Services at the Faculty of Business and Economics. They can answer your questions and support you in the application process.

For more information about each course, visit the study guide.

Overview courses

  • Introduction to Digital Innovation

    We focus on the technological developments that have given rise to digital innovation. Developments like increasing processing and storage capacity, the miniaturization of technology, smarter software and the increasingly interconnected nature of networks, big data, AI, social media, mobile devices, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

    Innovation is crucial for business organizations to stay competitive in ever-changing markets. In this course, you learn to understand and apply basic theories behind the processes of technology-based innovation within organizations and their environments, the development of innovation strategies, and the organizational implementation of innovation strategies. Theoretical understanding is applied in a simulation game and real-life cases focusing on managerial dilemmas in the management of innovation.

  • AI for Business

    This course offers you the handles that are needed to fully deploy the potential of AI, data, and business intelligence & analytics solutions in order to create a competitive advantage. Although the course primarily has a managerial focus, technology will be used primarily to create a hands-on experience with relevant technologies. Experts from industry and BI&A consultants will share their insights and experience in the weekly workshops.

  • New Ways of Working

    We focus on the demands digital technologies put on organizations and society, and on how new ways of working and organizing help adapt to these challenges. Topics addressed in this course include, amongst others, workers as digital nomads, expert systems and AI as alternatives for legal workers, production is done by 3d-printers, peer to peer communities or crowdsourcing. They all have advantages and disadvantages over traditional organizational practices and structures.

  • Emerging Technologies for E-business and Online Commerce

    Based on the knowledge gained in the first four courses of this minor, you will conduct a feasibility study concerning a recently emerged technology. This technology will be selected by the course coordinators. It will be a technology that recently entered the market.