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Improve care quality, efficiency and accessibility

Skill for the employment market

If you complete the minor Health Care Management, you will be able to analyse the economic consequences of health policies and health care interventions. The minor will enable you to participate in developing new health policies and in managing health care organizations. The minor enhances your career opportunities in national health policy agencies, health consultancy organizations, hospitals and care institutions.

For more specific information about each course, please visit our study guide.

Overview courses

  • Health Economics

    Health economics deals with how health care markets work and focuses on the economic behaviour of health care consumers (patients), health care providers (care professionals), health insurance companies and government agencies. A good understanding of how health care markets work is essential for anyone who aspires to contribute to health care policies at the governmental level, in advisory firms, hospitals, care institutions or health insurance companies.

  • Economics of the Dutch Health Care System

    In the first part of this course, you are introduced to the economics of health and health care. In the second part of this course, the Dutch health care system is discussed. Special attention will be given to the way health care objectives like care quality, cost containment, accessibility of care are pursued. Also, the role and position of the different institutions in the Dutch health care system will be explained.

  • Economic Assessment of Health Care

    In this course, different techniques are introduced for the assessment of the economic effects of health care policies and medical technologies. Economic effects are evaluated by measuring health care costs and assessing the expected additional health benefits.

  • Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

    This course focuses on the financial management of care and cure organizations. We look at financial management techniques that support planning decisions in the short and longer-term, and that can be used to plan and control the operations within the organization.

  • Health Care Management

    Health care organizations are continuously changing because of new technological developments and increasing social complexities. This course teaches you how they can effectively improve the development and functioning of health care organizations.