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Improve your English writing and speaking skills

A solid basis in English language skills for your future studies and work

In this minor, you will develop your own English language skills to a level that guarantees a solid basis for your future studies and work in a professional environment, especially in an international setting.

The type of approach used throughout the courses means you will become more aware of the role of language in different contexts and communicative situations. This will allow you to quickly analyse the type of communication in new contexts, for instance quickly understanding the aim and structure of a new type of text, or its style and tone.

Overview courses

  • Global English

    In this course, we discuss factors in the global spread of English. We examine different varieties of English that are used around the world, and we consider linguistic and social consequences of the use of English as a global language.

  • Minor English: Grammar and Writing 1

    This course provides an introduction to the most important aspects of formal written English, in particular academic texts, and gives you an idea of English textual conventions. It also provides a treatment of the most important aspects of English grammar.

  • Minor English: Pronunciation and Presentation

    Your English pronunciation will be assessed and you will train English pronunciation features according to personal goals that we will set at the beginning of the course. You will also practise giving a presentation in English.

  • Minor English: Writing 2

    You will further develop your own writing skills and learn more about features of good texts, focusing on coherence, cohesion and clarity. We also examine differences between disciplines and you will conduct a small analysis of the language in your discipline.

  • Minor English: English in my own Discipline

    In the final course, you will apply all skills and theory to conduct an analysis of linguistic features of your own choice in texts from your own discipline. You will give a presentation about your analysis and write a research report.