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Answers to academic and practical questions about E-business

A multi-disciplinary view on E-Business

This minor offers five courses, which are briefly described below. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to take a 12 EC internship as part of the minor instead of two of the listed courses. If you choose this option you have to arrange your internship in either in periods 1 and 2, or in periods 2 and 3. In case you have questions about internships you can contact Career Services at the Faculty of Business and Economics. They can answer your questions and support you in the application process.

For specific information about each course, please visit our study guide.

Overview courses

  • Introduction to E-Business and Online Commerce

    Key E-business practices, developments, and challenges are discussed and explained. Topics to be covered include mobile commerce, e-government, online business models, business-to-business E-business, online retailing, online consumer behavior, online privacy/security, E-business startups, website optimization, social networks and e-logistics.

  • Consumer Science for Online Commerce

    You are inspired and challenged to discover the possibilities and consumer response to digital developments. Typically, topics may evolve around issues such as (online) customer journeys, different phases and touch points in the journey, contextual influences (assortments, web design, product presentation), social interactions (social media, online reviews) and mobile commerce.

  • Information Systems in E-Business and Online Commerce

    Organizational ICT systems are changing the business landscape by moving from a product to a data driven organising logic. In this course, we focus on these technologies and how they affect organizations’ E-business and online commerce activities. We focus on the demands this puts on the Information Systems (IS) used in the organization.

  • E-Commerce Supply Chain Management

    We address key themes in managing the supply chain of online transactions, starting with the consumer, discussing consumer preferences related to logistics options in the ecommerce supply chain. We then review facility location and design literature and consecutively discuss inventory management and inventory pooling. We pay attention to sustainability in managing supply chains.

  • Emerging Technologies for E-business and Online Commerce

    Based on the knowledge gained in the first four courses of this minor, you will conduct a feasibility study concerning a recently emerged technology. This technology will be selected by the course coordinators, and will be a technology that newly entered the market.

  • Internship Minor E-business and Online Commerce

    It is possible to replace two of the courses for an internship that will be supervised by one of the lecturers of the courses. The courses to be replaced are one course from period 1 and one course from period 2, or one course from period 2 and the course from period 3 (you decide). Internships should be aligned with one or more of the topics that are addressed in the minor and should be initiated by students. Proposals for an internship need approval from the minor coordinator.