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Making Business out of Data

Business Analytics and Data Science

Making business out of data

In the minor Business Analytics & Data Science you deepen your knowledge on various aspects in the field of data science. The minor consists of a number of advanced courses in that field and complements the corresponding Bachelor programme in Business Analytics in the direction of data collection and data-driven solution methods.

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Course overview

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

    The course is concerned with data structures and the design and analysis of algorithms. 

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  • Introduction to Data Science

    This introductory course will provide an overview of the field of Data Science. We will discuss the different specialties within data science and the ethical issues that arise around data collection and use.

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  • Data Analytics and Privacy (2 out of 3)

    Data analytics has the ability to pose significant challenges to privacy, human autonomy and dignity. The ability to influence people in ways they can act against their own interest is what political scientists describe as power.

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  • Information Retrieval (2 out of 3)

    This course covers the core aspects of information retrieval and search engines, including indexing, Boolean retrieval, the different types of queries, query execution, the vector space model, web crawling, networks, link analysis, PageRank, classification, and clustering.

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  • Logistics Analysis (2 out of 3)

    The overall objective of the course Logistics Analysis is to furnish you with knowledge and skills to analyze logistics problems in a variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation and services.

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  • Data Wrangling

    Data wrangling is the process of gathering data in its raw form and molding it into a form that is suitable for its end use.

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