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Digital and Science Paths in Archaeology

Archaeology Today offers an in-depth introduction to the key concepts, methods and techniques of current archaeology. Within the minor you can choose for a ‘science’ path or a ‘digital’ path.
  • Three courses are obligatory: What is Archaeology?, Science in Archaeology 2, and Archaeology and Society.
  • In the Science path you can deepen your knowledge in natural science methods in archaeology, as well as your knowledge of forensic science and environmental archaeology and the topical theme of the Anthropocene. 
  • In the Digital path you deepen your knowledge of digital techniques in archaeology. You will acquire relevant skills in working with applications in this field. 

The courses of this minor are offered by the Amsterdam Centre of Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA), a cooperation between the Vrije Universiteit and the University of Amsterdam. Most courses take place at the UvA campus in the city centre of Amsterdam. Please note that some courses take place in the second semester. You can find the complete course overview in the study guide.

Overview courses

  • What is Archaeology?

    This course introduces key concepts and practical approaches in archaeology. You will become acquainted with the nature, aims and research objectives of modern-day archaeology, and you will also gain an insight into the history of archaeology as an academic discipline.

  • Science in Archaeology 2

    The aim is to acquire basic knowledge of a range of science-based methods which are being applied and relevant to archaeological research. An introduction and basic instruction into the variable methodology of Science Archaeology will be presented.

  • Archaeology and Society

    This course aims to provide the basis for a critical assessment of the role of archaeology in contemporary society. You will learn how archaeological questions and research strategies are influenced by modern ideological, political and ethical concerns.

  • Digital Archaeology

    An overview is offered of the position and application of the most essential digital and quantitative methods and techniques in archaeology, in particular GIS and 3D modelling. Furthermore, you will acquire practical skills during training sessions with group and/or individual assignments

  • Advanced Digital Archaeology

    An in-depth overview of the position, development and application of the most relevant digital methods in (landscape) archaeology. Course practicals are designed to develop archaeological data management and analysis skills to solve specific research questions.

  • Environmental Archaeology and the Anthropocene

    This course covers interaction between humans and their environment in the archaeological and historical past. Next to a range of environmental specialisms between science and archaeology, you will also learn a humanities perspective, with special emphasis on the Anthropocene.

  • Human Bones in Forensic Archaeology

    Application and interpretation of scientific methods within physical anthropology. An interdisciplinary approach to forensic archaeological research, including analyzing specialist literature, critical assessment of the use of science, especially when dealing with human remains and developing research questions for given archaeological burial sites.