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"Let’s educate and change the world!"

LEARN! Academy

Teaching & Learning Centre

Today’s students will be the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow

You’re designing courses for them. You’re sharing your knowledge, supervising, inspiring and coaching. You’re making a difference for them. But you’re also making a difference for your subject area, your colleagues and your faculty. Without you, there would be no broadening of minds and no pushing of boundaries.
So, your growth is also important. That’s where we come in. Because growing is not something that you do on your own. You do it with your students, with your colleagues and with us.
With our programmes, training courses, coaching and advice, we’re working together on your personal and professional growth. Together, we’re building the future of education. Send us an email, and let's talk about it.

Welcome to LEARN! Academy.

What can the LEARN! Academy offer you?
Of course, we’re the place to come for your educational qualifications. But professional development involves much more than just qualifications. It starts with the question: what type of professional do you want to be? Where are your personal challenges?

What did your colleagues who preceded you rate the most highly? Their answer: learning together. Experimenting together and inspiring each other. We’re happy to be at your service, offering supervision, advice and support. And fun. Above all fun! Working to improve education is the most fun you can have!

What can we help you with?

Our promises