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Research domain: Competencies for Transformation

The Athena Institute develops, evaluates and embeds methodologies and environments to train students, professionals and researchers in transdisciplinary approaches. This will support them in facilitating and participating in successful multi-stakeholder processes to address complex societal problems. Find our projects listed below, divided into subthemes.

Community service learning

Science with Society | Facilitates dialogues between Amsterdam's residents and students on societal issues 

Transdisciplinary Global Health Challenge | Collaborations between students and societal partners to address global health challenges (finalised)

Institutionalisation of Societally-Engaged Education | Embedding methodologies in which students learn by participation in society 

Shared Multimodal Mobility for All (SMALL) | Co-creates shared mobility innovations for people with reduced mobility in the European North Sea region

Environments for transformation

Re/Presenting Europe | Healing the afterlives of colonialism 

Science Museums of the Future | Investigates and supports science centers and museums in experimenting with new science-society interface roles

Field Labs India | Empowering communities and partners in India that strive for social justice

InSPIRES | Innovative models for Science Shops (finalised)

From Sea to Street | Investigating the effect of marine murals on people's emotions 


Toolbox for Participatory Research | Creative and concrete tools and inspiration for research with societal stakeholders

Transformation through Transdisciplinarity | Creation of a book full of insights and tools for navigating complex societal challenges

Stakeholder Engagement in Education and Research Toolbox | Facilitates community service learning and other forms of collaboration between science and society

Tool for Reflection on Interdisciplinary Teamwork | Sparks reflection on behaviour among collaborators in interdisciplinary education and research

Frame Reflection Lab Tool | Stimulates transdisciplinary collaborations through a playful format that sparks reflection on different views of science

Wheel of Action, Interaction and Reflection | Helps biotechnologists anticipate how their projects may interact with the world, and integrate these insights into their socio-technical design efforts

Food System Transformation Toolbox | Practical tools and methodologies for those engaging in food system transformation activities

Patient Engagement Toolbox | Co-created recommendations and tools to support patient engagement activities

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