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Shaping performance, one step at a time

Aubrey Daniels Research Institute for Behavior Analysis

ADRIBA is a platform for the scientific deepening, broadening and dissemination of behavioral analysis and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), the science of behavioral change in organisations.

Performance, or performance, is central to ADRIBA. The starting point is a performance issue within an organization. We see improving performance best through the principle of shaping. In other words: a step better every time. Measurable.

We set high goals, but start with a low sub-goal. Just like the top athlete who continues to raise the bar and ultimately achieves top performances, but eventually started the training with a realistic and feasible sub-goal.

ADRIBA's goal is to use behavioral analysis to contribute to increasing job satisfaction and job performance in European organisations.

ADRIBA focus points:

  • Research at European level
  • Forming the link with similar institutes in the US
  • Guiding graduates and PhD students in business administration and psychology in their research into the effectiveness of behavioral change interventions in organisations
  • Publish the results at different levels. Varying from newspaper articles to giving interviews, professional publications, scientific publications and dissertations