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VU Vision on Knowledge Transfer

Like education and research, the transfer of knowledge to society—also called valorisation—is a core task of VU Amsterdam.

Knowledge transfer and impact take place at different times during academic research. They are also manifested in many different forms, such as entrepreneurship, cooperation with external parties and participation in the public debate. Sometimes knowledge transfer and impact take place as soon as the research begins, such as when medical researchers work with patient organisations. Other times, they only take place at the end when an invention is brought to market.

Part of our vision on knowledge transfer is that members of the VU community actively participate in the public debate. On the basis of academic knowledge and insights that they themselves help to develop, they contribute to public opinion. And they display responsibility and openness in these processes, in line with the character of VU.

Entrepreneurship is needed to translate knowledge into new products, services, processes or ideas. We strive for knowledge transfer that involves active engagement with other parties in society. We stimulate an enterprising mindset among students and staff, for example with our entrepreneurship education.

Our ambition for 2025 is that knowledge transfer is equally valued as a core task. We want to achieve this by recognising and rewarding VU academics for knowledge transfer and societal impact, among other things. We also ensure that they have access to the right facilities and support. And we make knowledge transfer more visible on our campus as well as in our external communication.

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