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VU Campus development team

Teaching and research are the university’s principal raison d’être. So we need buildings that are fit places for our students to attend lectures and to study. Places where our staff can give lectures, conduct research, and support our students in their studies. The Campus Development Team focuses on the development of the VU campus.

Some of our buildings date back to the 1970s. These structures are in need of renovation or replacement because they no longer meet today’s requirements, are expensive to maintain or are not sufficiently energy-efficient. Flexibility, sustainability and cost awareness are key principles when it comes to the development of our campus. New approaches to teaching and new styles of working are taking shape through the renovation and redesign of the university’s buildings, and this trend will continue into the future. With the arrival of on-campus student accommodation and more extensive sports and cultural programmes, the campus is becoming an ever more integrated part of the city.

As a true Amsterdam institution, VU Amsterdam is an international community that works together with knowledge partners, civil society and the business community. The VU campus has every conceivable facility for teaching and research, including modern lab facilities (such as the ML-I/II/III Labs and a Human Performance Lab with climate chambers). From 2021 onwards, you will even be able to come to the campus for a night out at the theatre or the cinema. In addition, the Amsterdam Venture Studios will offer the opportunity to start a new company on campus, by accessing researchers’ knowledge, coaching skills, and networks, and those of the Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA). The VU campus brings you into close proximity with talented students.

The Campus Development Team’s responsibilities include:

  • Drawing up the policy and frameworks needed to implement campus development;
  • Initiating a development strategy for the real estate portfolio, and managing the design of the service concepts;
  • Developing visions for accommodation and for the buildings, as well as conducting studies and analyses with a view to developing buildings and the public space; 
  • Identifying and initiating changes in the areas of teaching and research, and managing accommodation to meet the associated needs;
  • Developing and managing the campus investment programme from initial preparation to realization (projects), focusing on the area, the buildings, the public spaces and the landscape.