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Software and Sustainability

The S2 group research focus is on architecture design, modelling and evaluation of software-intensive systems.

These typically involve multiple technologies, operate in multi-organisational environments and influence businesses, social behaviour and society at large. Major research areas are service orientation, cloud-based software, and software engineering for energy efficiency and sustainability. Our philosophy is that research should be industrial-relevant and serve the final purpose of being applied in practice.

Please visit our website at Software and Sustainability.

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Head: Prof. Dr. Patricia Lago

SCA lab on the theme ‘Sustainably Digital’

SCA lab on the theme ‘Sustainably Digital’

SCA lab event on the theme ‘Sustainably Digital’ is about the future of sustainability as our talented students and researchers showcase their innovative solutions and ideas. From renewable energy commons to sustainable software development.

This event is also your chance to connect with top talent, network with industry leaders, and explore collaboration opportunities with researchers. 

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Past and future events