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Parking for bicycles, motorcycles and scooters

A number of public and restricted-access bicycle parking facilities are located across the VU campus, along with separate public parking spaces for mopeds and motorbikes.

At some locations, public bicycle racks are located directly outside VU buildings. In the interests of safety and accessibility, bicycles and motorcycles may only be parked in designated areas. At the larger bicycle parking areas, campus hosts are on duty to ensure that people comply with the parking guidelines. It is not permitted to park bicycles inside buildings, except in indoor bicycle parking facilities (i.e. not in corridors or rooms). 

VU Amsterdam reserves the right to remove bicycles which have not been parked in a designated spot. There will be no compensation for any damage incurred. Twice a year, to ensure optimal use of space in the parking facilities, VU employees remove any broken bicycles or bicycles that have been parked for a long time. The bicycle parking facility under the New University Building (NU) is an exception to this rule. There, bicycles can only be parked for a maximum of two weeks, after which they will be removed if there are not enough spaces available. 

Has your bike been removed? Email us at or call +31 (0)20 59 85777.

Restricted-access bicycle parking

There are covered bicycle parking facilities in various VU buildings. As an employee, you can request access by submitting a form to have additional rights added to your VU card. 

All bicycle parking facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a valid VU card. An exception is the New University Building (NU), which can also be accessed without a card. In the evenings and weekends, you can use the intercom to gain access. During office hours on weekdays, there are also campus hosts on duty to help you. 

Always park your bike in a rack. Bicycle parking is free of charge and at your own risk. We advise you not to park expensive bicycles in the public-access section of the NU Building, but always in the secure staff parking section, where access is only possible with a VU card. All bicycle parking facilities have electrical top-up points.

Overview of open-access covered bicycle parking on the VU Campus

  • New University Building 

Overview of staff-only covered bicycle parking on the VU Campus

  • Main Building (under the main entrance)
  • MF Building
  • O|2 Lab Building
  • Care and Welfare Educational Institute (OZW)
  • Mathematics and Physics Building (W&N)
  • New University Building (in addition to the public area, there is a secure staff-only area for VU cardholders)

Campus hosts

Campus hosts are on duty to help guests and visitors on the campus, give them directions and answer any questions they may have. The campus hosts know where there are spaces available. They also straighten up any bikes that are not properly parked and have a word with anyone who has not parked their bike in a rack. They also attach warning flyers to any bicycles, scooters or other vehicles parked in the wrong place. The campus hosts help make the campus a safer and more pleasant place for all of us.

Bicycle scheme for employees

Through the Individual choices model VU Amsterdam offers employees an allowance to help with the cost of buying or leasing a bicycle (or an e-bike). Read more.

Service bicycles

Blue service bicycles are available on a daily basis to VU employees for off-campus appointments. On presentation of your VU card, you can collect the key from the Security Desk in the Main Building (KC-04). Service bicycles are parked in the facility under the Main Building and should also be returned there. Please note that they must be returned the same day.

Bicycle repairs

A bicycle repair shop is located underneath Amsterdam UMC, VUmc location; here you can have your bike fixed, buy a second hand bike or purchase bicycle accessories.

Changing rooms and showers

Changing rooms and showers are available for VU employees in various VU buildings. Here you can find an overview of the locations.

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