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No disposable cups at VU Campus vending machines

From July 2023, no more disposable cups at the vending machines and extra charges for a disposable cup 'to go'.

'Bring your own' will be the starting point. Disposable cups will only be available for a fee. With this, VU Amsterdam takes another step towards a sustainable campus. Every year, we use about 1.4 million disposable cups!

Would you like to use the coffee machines on the VU Campus after 1 July?

  • Bring your own cup from home or make sure you collectively have enough cups/mugs in your department. Tip: thrift shops often have plenty on offer
  • Don't forget visitors, make sure you have enough, clean crockery
  • Wash or rinse your cups yourself and keep the pantry and work/study area clean
  • Make arrangements with your colleagues about this
  • Repro VU can print cups/mugs with VU logo or name, also in larger numbers
  • Not bringing a cup? Buy a reusable cup. These are for sale at Eurest and the VU Bookstore

For a coffee to go, you can go to Doppio or Spar, among others. You will pay extra for a disposable cup. 

Reusable cup at the coffee corners

At Eurest, you can buy a reusable cup for 1 euro. Take the cup home after use, or hand it in at one of Eurest's coffee corners. You will then receive a clean cup, a voucher for a new cup at a later date or you will receive a voucher, which you can use as a discount voucher. In any case, don't throw the cup away!

Background information

There are European directives to prevent litter from disposable plastics or Single Use Plastics (SUPs). The aim of SUP legislation is to reduce the use of disposable plastics and prevent (litter). The previous ban on free plastic bags and the introduction of deposits on small PET bottles are examples of measures introduced in recent years.

Expansion of the SUP legislation will follow in 2023 and 2024. The new measures cover single-use plastic cups and meal packaging. From 1 July 2023, there will be a ban on the free provision of disposable plastics for consumption on the go ('to go'). You will then pay extra for using a disposable cup. A ban on the use of disposable plastics for on-site consumption will follow from 1 January 2024. Reusable is the norm here.

VU Amsterdam chooses not to make a distinction between consumption to go and on the spot and therefore to completely stop offering disposable cups at the vending machines as of 1 July 2023. Reusable will be the norm.

Any questions?

Do you have comments or questions? Please contact the FCO Service Desk:  / (020) 59 85777.

Frequently asked questions on the disappearing of disposable cups