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Graduate School of Humanities - Education

On this page you will find information regarding the (Research) Master’s degree programmes, offered by the Faculty of Humanities.

Master's Degree Programmes

The Faculty of Humanities offers a varied selection of Master's degree programmes in Dutch as well as in English. These programmes provide an excellent education in different knowledge areas and are a great step towards a wide range of careers. There are many different programmes within the degrees, which allow you to specialize on a theme, period or method of choice.

The Faculty seeks to create a community for the development of scientific knowledge through education. This means that students are considered serious partners in the process of the development of knowledge. Students work on solving key issues within their field with the teaching staff. In order to reach the level at which you can effectively help solve problems you will first get to know the most important topics, core concepts and research methods for your field. At the same time you will become familiar with the rules of cooperation and communication.

Because the teaching in the faculty is strongly influenced by the internationally oriented and socially relevant research conducted at VU Amsterdam, we can offer state of the art degrees, which allow students to fully develop their talents. The same is ensured by the large variety of working styles. Courses can consist of seminars and lectures given by teaching staff or guest speakers, or writing research essays, but can also involve visiting conferences, lectures or museums, designing exhibitions, collaborating on the building of digital maps or interacting with students and teachers from all over the world.

Research Master's Degree Programmes

Do you want to become a scientist? If you do, a Research Master's degree programme is the ideal next step after your Bachelor's degree. The Research Master' degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Humanities are an excellent way to prepare yourself for an internationally oriented, scientific career. The degrees provide in-depth knowledge of the status quo in international scientific debates and of the ethical values of the international scientific community. This means you will be taught how to make your own, meaningful contributions to the debate in your field at an international level.

During the intensive curriculum you will get to know the theories, methods and techniques of your field, develop your research skills and your talent to pose innovative questions or select research themes. The final goal of the degree is to produce an original research thesis (usually in English), which can become a solid base for an article that could be published in a respected scientific journal. As a part of preparing you for a career in academia, you will also be trained in formulating research questions in English, and in presenting and defending your own research.

Research Master's students are noted for their research skills, their analytical prowess and a broad, interdisciplinary approach. In order to achieve these heights, Research Master's students are closely involved with the research carried out by the teaching staff in their particular field. Students choose a personal tutor, who will help and support them closely in their research for the duration of the degree.

A flexible system of fixed programmes and tutorials allows the faculty to offer a tailor-made curriculum. The student can fill this in with partial research, research internships and a stay at foreign universities or other research institutes. This means Research Master's students can narrowly focus their degree on their own chosen area of specialisation. PhD researchers will follow part of their degree programmes at the National Research Schools. Here they can take part in courses, summer schools, exhibitions and master classes in their field.

National Research Schools

Also, Research Master's students will follow part of their degree programmes at a National Research School. Here they can take part in courses, summer schools, exhibitions and master classes in their field. Research Master's students are expected to take courses worth 10 ECTS at a National Research School. The application procedure is coordinated by the Graduate School.

A current list of relevant National Research Schools can be found on the website of LOGOS (Council of Dutch research schools in the Humanities).