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Geological Technical Laboratory

The Geological Technical Laboratory prepares thin sections of rock samples and other materials for scientific research and education.

The following services are offered:

  • Covered thin sections (DDs) for optical microscopy. Material thickness 30µm, 28 x 48 mm up to 100 x 200 mm.
  • Polished thin sections (PDDs) for electron microprobe measurements. Material thickness 30µm, 28 x 48mm up to 100 x 200 mm.
  • Doubly polished thin sections for Fluid Inclusions (FIs); thickness between 100 - 300µ thick.
  • Polished thin sections (PDDs) of embedded individual grains or crystals exposed on the optical axis < 50µ. Embedded in epoxy on glass.
  • Polished surfaces (PVs); crystals or ores cast in synthetic resin, polished and vapor deposited for electron microprobe analysis.
  • Embedding and polishing of capsules from high-pressure experiments.
  • Preparation on samples for micro-drilling, polished cross-sections of variable size, approximately 200 to 300µ thick, cast in epoxy.
  • Cutting flat surfaces of drill cores for high pressure petrophysical measurements.
  • Preparation of slabs and polished surfaces for optical study of rocks.
  • Construction of lacquer peels in the field or from drill cores. The surface is coated with lacquer and is covered with loosely woven textile and a new layer of lacquer after 24 hours. When dried, the hardened profiles are removed and placed on a chipboard for off-site study.

The Geological Technical Laboratory is equipped with

  • Various water or oil cooled saws with saw blades of 400 mm diameter and 0.6 mm thickness.
  • Diamond-coated reversing wire saw Ø 0.2 for very thin parallel cuttings.
  • Automatic and manual surface grinders with a diamond-coated vertical disc with a grinding range of 450x200x400 mm, oil-cooled, adjustable from 1µ.
  • Various grinding machines and polishers
  • Core drilling apparatus
  • Ceramic oven for the production of pre-polishing discs
  • Miniature belt sander
  • Transmitted and reflected polarized light microscopes
  • Other equipment such as: freeze dryer, vacuum clock, and ovens

For information on sample preparation and pricing please contact:

Bouke Lacet (operational manager)
+31 20 598 7405