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Forms for requesting facility products and services

Would you like to register visitors, reserve a room or order liquid nitrogen for example?

FCO provides facility services and maintenance on the VU Campus. Would you like to request extra services, reserve a room or make a report? You can easily arrange this yourself via the Service portal. You can also contact FCO Servicedesk.


  • Serviceportal extern

    Are you not employed by VU Amsterdam and/or not in possession of a VUnet ID? Please use the External Service Portal. Here you will find forms you can use to request extra services or make a report, tailored to use by external parties and without login.

    On this Service portal you will find forms for requesting extra cleaning, a VU pass or SZA barrels, reporting a technical malfunction, reporting vending or pest nuisance and registering visitors, among other things. Please note: to order catering, go directly to Eurest's order page. There is no form available for this on the Service portal.


    Navigate on to the appropriate page. Click on the link 'Serviceportal extern'. On this Serviceportal, you click on the 'arrange directly' button at the top right of the page to open the form. Fill in all required fields and click on 'send'. Your request/report will be sent to the FCO Service Desk. They will assess your request and forward it to the appropriate department.

    Some requests may incur costs. Please indicate on the form where these can be charged (debtor number). Costs will be invoiced after delivery. You can also specify a reference to be included on the invoice (for VUmc, state the purchase order number here). Please note: without the correct financial information (e.g. debtor number, purchase order number), we cannot process your request.

    In some cases, an application is first submitted to an authoriser for approval (e.g. application KTA or Change of rights VU pass). Only after approval will the application be taken up.

  • Service portal for VU employees and -students

    Do you work for or study at VU Amsterdam and do you have a VUnet ID? Then you will find all facility self-service forms on the Service portal internal (login with VUnet ID required). Examples include reserving a meeting/event room, ordering catering, requesting extra cleaning, changing rights or replacing a VU pass, reporting a technical malfunction or breakdown of a coffee machine and registering visitors.


    Navigate on to the correct page. Click on the link 'direct arrange' (top right of the page) to go to the relevant page on the Serviceportal. Here, also click the 'arrange directly' button to open the form. Fill in all required fields and click on 'send'. Your request/report will be sent directly to the appropriate department.

    Some applications (possibly) involve costs. Indicate on the form where these can be booked (cost centre or WBS). Check with your manager or financial department. Costs are booked immediately after delivery. In some cases, a request is first submitted for approval to your manager (KTA request) or authorisation officer (request for change of VU pass rights). Only after approval will the request be processed.

    You can view your request/report after it has been sent, track its progress and, in some cases, also edit it. Use the forms on the My requests, notifications and reservations page. You can also contact the FCO Service Desk if you have any questions.


Please contact the FCO Service desk

VU Main building 0B-01
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam