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Advisory and consultative bodies

The VU knows multiple advisory and consultative bodies, among which VUIBCP, OPO, VB, CoD, VUCMR and EQSG.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Inter-Board Consultative Platform (VUIBCP)
The Executive Board meets with all the Deans and the Executive Board Secretary every four weeks in the Inter-Board Consultative Platform in order to discuss general administrative and strategic matters as well as operational management. The chair of the Inter-Board Consultative Platform is the president of the EB.

Consultative Body for Portfolio Holders for Teaching (OPO)
The Rector Magnificus meets with the faculties’ Portfolio Holders for Teaching in the Consultative Body for Portfolio Holders for Teaching. These meetings take place every month.

Operational Management Meeting (VB)
The directors of all the service departments and faculties meet at the Operational Management Meeting. The chairperson of the Operational Management Meeting is a member of the Executive Board who is responsible for the operational management of the university. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure full alignment between the needs and preferences of the faculties and the service departments on the one hand, and the services provided by the service departments to the faculties and other service departments on the other hand.

College of Deans (CoD)
The College of Deans consists of the Deans of the faculties, and is chaired by the Rector Magnificus. The College of Deans monitors the academic quality, integrity and reputation of the university. The College of Deans is the Doctorate Board as referred to in the Higher Education and Research Act. This body meets once every six weeks.

VU Consultative Meeting for Research (VUCMR)
The Rector meets bimonthly with the Portfolio Holders for Research on the Faculty Boards at the VU Consultative Meeting for Research. The rector consults with the directors of the iOZIs (interdisciplinary research institutes) twice a year.

Educational Quality Steering Group (EQSG)
The Educational Quality Steering Group is responsible for monitoring the quality of education at VU Amsterdam, issues advice on this directly to the Executive Board and reflects proactively on developments in relation to educational quality. The Educational Quality Steering Group provides advice on the Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning and on each application for a new Bachelor’s or Master’s programme that VU Amsterdam submits to the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders. The Steering Group also monitors the quality of all university-wide minors, course components of 30 credits which are offered to students across the institution as optional Bachelor’s programme subjects. Finally, the Steering Group issues solicited and unsolicited advice to the Executive Board on all matters that concern the quality of education at VU Amsterdam.