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Strategic Management

Research in the Strategic Management group is diverse but united by a common desire to understand and explain organizational phenomena in the context of global competition.

Our research ethos reflects an appreciation for multiple form of inquiry and we bring together expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, ranging from on-site field-work and in-depth participant observation to experimental studies in laboratory settings. We study organizations and their strategies applying a multifaceted toolkit of theories, such as contingency theory, the resource-based view, institutional theory, and identity theory

Strategic Management

Meet our team

Prof dr. Brian Tjemkes

Full professor of Strategic Management, Head of the Strategy & Organisation and programme director of the International Business Administration programme

Brian Tjemkes

Prof. dr. ir. Victor A. Gilsing

Professor of Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Victor Gilsing

Prof. dr. Johan Wempe

Full Professor of Business Ethics

SBE_M&O staff picture Johan Wempe

Dr. Saeed Khanagha

Associate Professor of Strategy

SBE_M&O staff picture Saeed Khanagha

Dr. David Kroon

Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization

SBE_M&O staff pictures David Kroon

Dr. Oli Mihalache

Associate Professor of Strategy & International Business

Oli Mihalache

Dr. Christopher Wickert

Associate Professor of Ethics & Sustainability

Christopher Wickert

Dr. Marc Bahlmann

Assistant Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Marc Bahlmann

Dr. Valérie Duplat

Assistant Professor of Strategy

SBE_M&O staff picture Valerie Duplat

Dr. Luc Glasbeek

Assistant Professor

SBE_M&O Luc Glasbeek

Dr. Peter Peverelli

Assistant Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Peter Peverelli

Dr. Katinka Quintelier

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Ethics

SBE_M&O staff picture Katinka Quintelier

Dr. Marius Rietdijk

Assistant Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Marius Rietdijk