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Econometrics and Operations Research Summer Workshop

The 2023 edition of the Econometrics and Operations Research Summer Workshop is from August 21 till August 29 and is open for registration.


The workshop is intended for students entering the econometrics master’s program in Econometrics and Operations Research.

There is no fee for VU Econometrics and Operations Research master students.
EUR 200 for other students.
EUR 600 for professionals.

The workshop begins on Monday August 21 at 10:00 and finishes on Tuesday August 29 at 16:00.

During the workshop, the students are expected to work in pairs on an assignment that comprises programming and theoretical exercises. Any programming language may be used to make the exercises (provided there is another student with similar preferences). Successful completion of the assignment will be awarded with a certificate of participation in the Econometrics and Operations Research Summer Workshop. There is no exam.

Jan R. Magnus and Bernd Heidergott.

With this workshop the students obtain the required knowledge to fruitfully follow the courses in the master’s program. This is a 6-day workshop with two hours of lectures in the morning (10:00-12:00), and two hours of classes in the afternoon (14:00-16:00). The main purpose of the workshop is to refresh the student’s knowledge in matrix algebra (2 days), statistics (2 days), and econometrics (2 days for Econometrics students, 1 day for Operations Research students) and operations research (1 day for Operations Research students). In the classes, the students are expected to work on the assignment, for which support will be available.

In preparation for the Summer Workshop you can study certain chapters and related videos of the book by J.R. Magnus: Introduction to the Theory of Econometrics, VU University Press, 2021, 6th printing. ISBN: 978 90 8659 8519, EUR 29.50, available from This book is also available as e-book and contains a link to live video’s, a selection of which will be used in the course. (The live videos are a new feature, only available with the 6th and later printings.)

Exercise book
Associated with the textbook is a book of exercises by J.R. Magnus and S. Telg: Mastering Econometrics: Exercises and Solutions, VU University Press, 2022, EUR 29.50, available from Associated with the book is a website with data sets and R-codes.

Textbook and exercise book together are offered for a reduced price of EUR 49.50 from


Mon Aug. 21
Tue Aug. 22
Thu Aug. 24
Fri Aug. 25
Mon Aug. 28
Tue Aug. 29

All lectures and classes are on campus (no recordings or livestream). When you can’t come to the campus (every day) it is still possible to participate in the Summer Workshop through self-study, with limited support via online discussion boards. 


Register by sending an e-mail to mentioning:
- your name;
- VU student number;
- VUnetID;
- VU e-mail address (if known) and
- your status: VU EOR master student / other student / professional;
- your track: Econometrics track or Operations Research track;
- your preferred programming language (e.g. Python, R, Matlab);
- (if you have) your preference for a specific team member (groups are ideally of size 2, and no larger than 3);
- in case you are not able to attend all days on campus, please mention the days (dayparts) you will be absent.

Registration deadline for non-VU students is 1 August 2023.

For inquiries, please contact