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The overall research mission is to understand genome-wide mechanistic behaviour of cells at all network layers.

The overall research mission is to understand genome-wide mechanistic behaviour of cells at all network layers. This is done by developing computational analysis and modelling methods to mine and understand data coming from many different types of data, high-throughput measurements in particular. Integrating such information may involve various layers of genomics data: from DNA sequence data via molecules and cells to patients.

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The Centre for Integrative Bioinformatics VU (IBIVU) focuses on the development of fundamental bioinformatics and systems biology techniques with applications to human health and understanding basic molecular and cellular processes. 

The IBIVU centre is closely associated with researchers at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre (location VUMC) and the Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences (AIMMS), while tight links exist with local external institutions such as the University of Amsterdam, the Dutch Cancer Institute (NKI) and the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI).

Themes currently worked upon within the IBIVU include:

  • integrating information from all layers of genomics: from DNA sequence data via molecules and cells to patients
  • understanding molecular interactions leading to dementia and developing molecular markers through multi-omics research
  • understanding DNA disruptive patterns resulting from mutations and phenotypic consequences such as cancer
  • modelling and predicting protein structure, interaction and function
  • developing computational methods to analyse data of single cell protein quantification technologies
  • leveraging novel single cell technologies to understand signal transduction networks and the role they play in cancer
  • sequence analysis and alignment techniques
  • semantic web technology and FAIR data stewardship

To drive these themes, the IBIVU centre has a core Bioinformatics section embedded in the Department of Computer Science, which develops bioinformatics methods to analyse sequence data and predict protein structure and function.

We have a joint-degree master’s programme in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, together with the Department of Structural Biology (Systems Biology Lab) at the VU and the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences at the UvA.

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AI4Biomed seminar series

  • AI4Biomed, 9 March 2023

    Joske Ubels (Prinses Máxima Centrum voor Kinderoncologie)   

    Title: “Unraveling the role of pks+ E. Coli in the development of colon cancer using machine learning”

    Charlotte Teunissen (VU UMC) 

    Title: “Use of AI to improve the development and implementation of biomarkers in body fluids for Alzheimer’s disease”

  • AI4Biomed, 11 May 2023

    Lodewyk Wessels (The Netherlands Cancer Institute)   

    Title: "Computational approaches to understand cellular decision making"

    Dimitrios Alivanistos (VU Computer Science Department) 

    Title: “BioBLP: A modular framework for representation learning over biomedical knowledge graphs”

  • AI4Biomed, 9 November 2023

    Evgeni Levin (Horaizon)  


    Olivier J. M. Béquignon (AUMC)  

     "Development of a prediction model for blood-brain barrier penetrating drug-like molecules"