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Law & Technology

The Law & Technology Research Programme was launched in 2023 to unite forces of all legal academics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who are interested in how the law can and should promote opportunities offered by (new) technologies, while at the same time addressing the associated challenges in the light of the public interest and individual rights.

The Law & Technology Research Programme brings together legal scholars specialising in all things digital (i.e., research topics related to internet law, consumer law, intellectual property law, space law, digital competition law, biotechnology, criminal law, digital tax law, labour law, etc.). Among other things, our researchers seek to:

  • Analyse how law and ethics constrain and stimulate technology;
  • Examine how law affects technology, and how to shape the law accordingly;
  • Assess how technology triggers legal needs;
  • Explore the socio-legal implications of human-technology interaction;
  • Balance rights and interests at large, in relation to technology;
  • Foster transparency, inclusiveness, and diversity.

Researchers in the Law & Technology Research Programme collaborate with technology scholars from other disciplines, such as computer science, sociology, psychology, and economics. In doing so, the programme hopes to inspire society at large and, in particular, a new generation of scholars.