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Career Services is the place for employers to get in touch with our engaged and socially oriented students.

You can recruit students for internships or entry level jobs through our Career Portal. The Career Portal offers you the opportunity to promote relevant side-jobs, internships, volunteer work, and entry level jobs free of charge to students of the Faculty of Law. Additionally, you can create a company profile to highlight your organisation to our students. You can also get in touch with students during one of our events. Please contact us for more information.

Are you organising an event that you would like to promote to our students? Please click on the button Promote your event on the right side. Complete the form and we will publish your event on the Career Portal. N.B. we will only publish relevant non-profit events. We maintain the right to reject events should they not be suitable to our target audience, the Faculty or VU Amsterdam.

Learn more about the Career Portal and the terms for publishing a vacancy or company profile below.

More about the Career Portal

  • Talented students for your organisation

    Students gaining practical experience during their studies is of importance to the Faculty of Law of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For this reason, the Faculty developed the Career Portal to bring together the demand and supply of relevant side-jobs and entry-level jobs. This way, the Faculty gives substance to her ambition to educate students who not only know the rules, but who are also aware of the interplay between the law and society (Law in Action).

    Reach our engaged and socially oriented students effortlessly and free of charge!

    The Career Portal is only accessible to VU students. Here, they can search for vacancies, directly apply to interesting positions, and look up company profiles. On the Career Portal, companies can effortlessly publish vacancies. Depending on your choice, you will receive applications either directly or through your own recruitment website.

    By placing side-job positions, voluntary work, or entry-level jobs on the Career Portal, you will increase awareness for your vacancies and company with our socially oriented students.

  • The benefits to you

    • Publish your vacancies effortlessly
    • Present your company quickly and easily
    • Free of charge and user-friendly
    • Accessible exclusively to socially oriented Law students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Access to socially oriented students Law students of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Receive applications either directly or through your own recruitment website
    • You can manage your vacancies through the back office; just a click and you can edit or republish a vacancy
    • Receive help from Career Services when needed
  • Publish your vacancy and guidelines

    Simply publish your vacancies in the Career Portal. Before you publish a vacancy, please read our guidelines carefully.

    Guidelines for placing a vacancy:

    • Prior to publication, all vacancies posted in the Career Portal will be assessed by a member of our staff;
    • Career Services only accepts relevant vacancies. The level of education must be academic and the position must be connected to legal topics and of interest to our students;
    • Vacancies will be published within three working days;
    • The Career Portal is a non-profit initiative; it is not allowed for employment agencies, recruitment agencies and other mediators to recruit and select on behalf of other companies;
    • Career Services reserves the right to change and correct the content and guidelines of this website at any moment without prior notice.

    Note to external agencies:

    • We only publish vacancies of external agencies in case the third party the only responsible party is for the recruitment process;
    • We only publish vacancies when they prove to be specific vacancies of organisations and do not solely refer to the website of the recruiting agency. It is required to have the name of the employer for which the agency is recruiting mentioned in the vacancy. When the vacancy has been anonymized, it still must be apparent from the text that it concerns a specific vacancy. It is allowed for the contact details of the recruiting agency to be listed for more information.

    The Faculty of Law is not involved in the recruitment process. However:

    • We expect users of the platform to treat the applications of our students with great care. Additionally, you can support the learning process of our students significantly by providing them with feedback with regards to their application, including unsuccessful applications;
    • When recruiting, always keep in mind the study commitments of the students and bear this in mind when negotiating working hours;
    • We encourage you to provide wages that are reasonable given the level of the position and the desired candidate profile.
  • Showcase your company

    When you publish a vacancy on our Career Portal, you will also have the possibility to create a free company profile. By means of a company profile, you have an extra opportunity to attract the attention of our students. Among other things, in the company profile you can list information about your company, the company culture, internship options, and the recruitment process. Your company profile will remain active during one academic year. You can make a company profile here.

  • Promote your event

    Career Services offers the possibility of promoting your events among our students. Do you have an event you would like to promote? Please click on the button Promote your event on the right side. Complete the form and we will publish your event on the Career Portal. Please not that we only publish relevant non-profit events.

    N.B. We maintain the right to reject events should they not be suitable to our target audience, the Faculty or VU Amsterdam.

  • More information

    Please contact Career Services at for more information about vacancies, the guidelines or the Career Portal.

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