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Zelfstandig verbeteren van je academische schrijfvaardigheid

Do you want to start improving and checking your Dutch academic texts yourself, for example in your thesis? In this workshop you will learn how to do that, including with automatic feedback from DigiRevision.

You will bring your own text to the workshop so you can start working with it right away. For example with your bachelor thesis or master thesis in progress. In the workshop you will learn which characteristics an academic text should meet and how you can check and improve your own texts on these characteristics. 

We pay close attention to text coherence because research has shown that students often find this a difficult task while writing. You will be taught strategies to assess and improve the coherence of your texts. We will also use the DigiRevision website that gives students automatic feedback on text coherence. After the workshop, you will know how to improve your texts and writing skills independently.

Camille Welie

The workshop is offered on campus and lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Please note that the ALP will be closed during the summer. We will let you know about new dates early September.

Number of participants
Maximum of 15


Registration and contact
For information, questions and registration, please send an email to the ALP course administration: Please mention the workshop code:

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