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At the end of 2007 a group of researchers at the Faculty of Humanities concerned with talk and text in institutional settings were frequently meeting up to discuss their research and hold informal data sessions.

At the beginning of 2008 they decided their group needed a name. This is how ARTTIS-VU was officially born. ARTTIS-VU stands for 'Amsterdam Research on Talk & Text in Institutional Settings, Vrije Universiteit'.

Currently ARTTIS-VU consists of the following members.

  • Tessa van Charldorp
  • Fleur van der Houwen
  • Martha Komter
  • Joyce Lamerichs
  • Marca Schasfoort
  • Keun Young Sliedrecht
  • Wyke Stommel


ARTTIS-VU members are currently involved in the following research projects:

  • Intertextuality in judicial settings: the interrelations between talkand written documents in police interrogations and criminal trials. NWO project Tessa van Charldorp, Fleur van der Houwen, Martha Komter, Petra Sneijder. The aim of this research is to acquire insight into the interrelationship between spoken interaction and written documents in the criminal law process, and to develop theoretical notions for studying this relatively unknown field. This will be accomplished by studying two phases in the judicial process: the police interrogation and the trial. The first project (PhD project - Tessa van Charldorp) investigates the construction of written records during police interrogations. The second and third project (Post Doc projects - Fleur van der Houwen) deal with the impact these records have on the activities in the courtroom. This project is supervised by Martha Komter.
  • Communication advice and conversational practice in institutional settings. PhD project Keun Young Sliedrecht: The aim of this research is to gain insight into the relation between communication advice and conversational practice in institutional settings, and to contribute to theoretical development in this research area. In particular, the aim of this research is to gain insight into the characteristics of three genres of institutional communication: police interrogations, job interviews, and journalistic interviews by investigating the interactional phenomenon of ‘formulations’. The methodology is based on a combination of methods and theoretical principles of ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and ethnography. This project is supervised by Fleur van der Houwen, Martha Komter and Marca Schasfoort.
  • Health communication in institutional contexts, with a special focus on interaction in online settings by Joyce Lamerichs. Developments in information and communication technologies have led to changing roles for patients, professionals as well as a rise of various online environments. In these environments both parties can meet to receive tailored advice or acquire a second opinion. The focus of this research domain is to explore the conversational practices that health professionals and clients engage in, in both online and offline settings. Special attention will be paid to the way speakers refer to knowledge repertoires in interaction. With the rather broad notion of 'knowledge repertoires' I refer to two interrelated aspects: 1) the way speakers construct claims to expertise, for example by referring to experiential knowledge or medical knowledge; and 2) the kind of identity categories that are invoked in doing so. Analysis will explore which interactional functions are fulfilled with these conversational practices. A case study carried out within this research domain will explore the interaction between health professionals and clients who engage in online therapy, which contain an interesting mix of face-to-face and online interaction.


Currently ARTTIS-VU meets at least once a month at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to discuss data and relevant publications.

Conferences we have organized in the past:

  • IAFL09
  • AWIA2010

If you would like more information about ARTTIS-VU, please contact any of the ARTTIS-VU members listed above.