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Pop-up Library

Pop-up Library, the pit stop when you get stuck with your thesis or paper! Do you have questions about the library? Or do you need help finding sources for your essay or thesis? Visit the Pop-up Library!

Employees of the University Library can answer your questions every day at our permanent desks in the main building and the VUmc. With the introduction of our mobile set-up, different locations are added at regular intervals! Have you seen the Pop-up Library in the NU building or the Initium yet?  

At the Pop-up Library, we like to take our time to answer any questions you may have. Would you like help finding sources for your essay or thesis? Or do you need advice on how to refer to sources correctly? Or are you wondering whether you can use a certain (online) source? Drop by, so we can help you! 

The Pop-up Library for researchers and teachers 
As a researcher or teacher, you can also visit the Pop-up Library for practical questions about the library. We are also happy to discuss how the library can support you in your research and/or teaching. Did you know, for example, that we have specialists who can help you write a data management plan or carry out systematic and scoping reviews? Or that our curators are happy to show items from the Special Collections during your lecture? 

The Pop-up Library for teachers
Are you a teacher and do your students have to write an essay or thesis? And do you want to refer your students somewhere if they have any questions about searching for and referencing sources? Then draw students' attention to the Pop-up Library. Students can stop by the Pop-up Library with questions about searching literature, correctly referring to sources and writing an essay or thesis every week. 

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