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Location physical collections

On this page, you can find an overview of the physical collections of the UB (University Library) with their respective locations at the Vrije Universiteit: Main Building or Medical Library at the VU medical centre (hospital 0B-100). 

UB Main Building 1st floor:

Anthropology, Economics and Business Administration, Law and Criminology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sciences, Social Sciences, Course reserve literature (all courses except Medical Studies), Dictionaries, Journals (Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences, Law).

UB Main Building 9th floor:

Art History, Cultural Studies, Dutch Linguistics, Literature (Dutch, English and French), History, Linguistics, Literary Studies.

UB Main Building 10th floor (entrance on 9th floor):

Antiquity, Archaeology, Patristics, Philosophy, Religion and Theology, Journals (Humanities).

Medical Library (VU medical centre):

GGZ inGeest, Human Movement Sciences, Medical Sciences, Course reserve literature (Medical Sciences), Journals Medical Sciences.

ACTA (Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004): 


Take a look at our Special Collections on the 1st floor!

Maps and Atlases

Old Prints and Manuscripts

Subject librarians
There are subject librarians for all disciplines and subjects at the University Library. They offer researchers and lecturers support in using, managing and distributing academic content. In addition, they make sure all faculties have access to academic information and research data, in tune with what researchers, lecturers and students need. If you want something added to our collections, need support with literature searches or would like to share ideas for (new) library services, please contact one of our subject librarians.