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3D printing

Would you like to 3D print an object for research or educational purposes? You can do so at the University Library! In addition to the normal size 3D printer, the University Library also owns a larger printer to create bulkier objects.

How can 3D printing support you?
The added value of the printed 3D objects lies mainly in making study material more accessible. With 3D printers you can print fragile or huge objects in a manageable size. You can also use 3D printing to reveal things that are invisible to the naked eye, such as atoms, microscopic organisms or the construction of an ancient building.

Innovation manager Sylvia Moes: "I can take this 3D printed clay nail with me to seminars. Students can hold this object to study it closely, which is actually impossible with the real object, as it is fragile and can only be viewed from a distance."

The endless possibilities of 3D printing
Clay nails, the death mask of Abraham Kuyper, a cross-section of a landscape, robot parts, models for an ideal study space, the campus of 100 years ago: it can all be printed. It provides a unique opportunity to bring decades-old objects back to life. 

Special Interest Group
Are you an expert on 3D printing or are you just curious about the possibilities? As a member of the SIG UB Educational Support you are always up to date on the educational support services of the University Library. Together we investigate innovations, such as 3D printing, and examine new learning materials. Register as a member through

VU Education Lab
In the Education Lab at VU NT&L, teachers and students can experiment with various educational innovations, such as 3D printers. 

Our 3D printers

Would you like to use the 3D printer, but are you uncertain about the practical applications in your course? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Please contact

Why use 3D?

Do you want to print an object in 3D for research or educational purposes? You can do so at the University Library. Innovation manager Sylvia Moes and associate professor Madelon Simons discuss a number of finished projects.

Questions about VR or 3D printing? Visit the Tech Lab!

Feel free to contact us

University Library Tech Lab

New University Building
Education Lab, 1A-25
De Boelelaan 1111
1081HV Amsterdam


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