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dr. Wendy Scholten-Peeters

Associate Professor, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Prevention and Rehabilitation

Associate Professor, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, AMS - Musculoskeletal Health

Associate Professor, Amsterdam Movement Sciences, AMS - Rehabilitation & Development

Personal information

Wendy Scholten-Peeters is Associate Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her research focuses mainly on the underlying mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain and working mechanisms of physiotherapy treatment, prognosis, effectiveness, and safety of physiotherapy and manual therapy interventions in patients with musculoskeletal pain. She is supervising PhD and master students. Wendy has been involved in the development of several evidence-based guidelines in the field of back and neck pain, (co)authored more than 100 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals, is chair of the educational and safety committee of the Dutch Association for Manual Therapy, and speaks frequently at (inter)national scientific conferences. Wendy teaches physiotherapy/ manual therapy for Bachelor, Master, and clinical professionals in various (international) faculties. She is also chair of the MSG Science network Physiotherapy and chair of the Program Board ‘Musculoskeletal Health, Amsterdam Movement Sciences. Before joining the Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2014, Wendy was a senior researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, research groups Diagnostics, Breda, The Netherlands.

Ancillary activities
  • Wervelkolom Instituut | 's-Hertogenbosch | Directeur/eigenaar | 2010-10-01 - present
  • SOMT University of Physiotherapy | Amersfoort | Medewerker | 2020-12-01 - present
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Manuele Therapie (NVMT) | Amersfoort | Voorzitter Beroepsnorm commissie | 2022-10-02 - present

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dr. Wendy Scholten-Peeters


  • R Medicine (General), QP Physiology, Physiotherapy, Manual therapy, neck pain, m...