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Stefan Kooi, MA

Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Humanities, Art and Culture, History, Antiquity

Visiting Fellow, CLUE+


EARTH: land routes and overland communications in southern Euboia.

The land routes and roads of the ancient Mediterranean are archaeologically understudied, which is directly related to a more general underestimation of overland communications in Antiquity. In my research I aim to fill this lacuna by making a detailed study of land routes and economic, religious, defensive, and socio-political overland communication systems in southern Euboia, Greece. I use archaeological field survey methods, remote sensing by drone and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to identify roads and to analyse them in relation to the ancient natural and human landscape. This way, such questions are addressed as to how space was used, organized and perceived, and how people in different periods were connected to their natural resources, their deities, other communities and the wider Mediterranean world.

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Stefan Kooi, MA