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dr. Sjoerd Kluiving

Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Art and Culture, History, Antiquity

Associate Professor, Amsterdam Sustainability Institute

Associate Professor, CLUE+

Personal information

Sjoerd Kluiving (1963) studied Physical Geography and Geology at the University of Amsterdam and University of Alabama (U.S.A). As a geologist and physical geographer involved in applying earth sciences to archeology in interdisciplinary research and teaching, with emphasis on the Anthropocene. Project management in (field-based) evaluation of archeological monuments, extensive teaching and research experience and initiator and project manager of involving cultural history in planning processes. Sjoerd co-leads the newly established Environmental Humanities Center at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He receives in 2018-2022 Horizon 2020 funding in TERRANOVA and NWO Melting Pot. Sjoerd is (co-)supervising 6 PhD students in the field of landscape archaeology on the interface of archaeology and the earth sciences. Sjoerd is President in the IALA Board (2018-2022).



PhD supervision – graduation year
2017 New land, old history: past landscapes and hominin activity covering the last 220,000 years in Flevoland, The Netherlands (Don van den Biggelaar)
PhD supervision – ongoing, expected graduation year
2020 Roman waterworks in the Rhine-Meuse delta (Jan Verhagen)
2022 Een wijk op palen - vergeten erfgoed in Diemen- Een onderzoek naar de onderheide wijk in Diemen centrum-west (Ronald van Gelder)
PhD committee membership – graduation year
2017 Palaeolandscape reconstruction at the lake-dwelling site of Disipilio, northwestern Greece: a geoarchaeological approach (Myrsini Gkouma)
2016 Middeleeuwse veenontginningen in het getijdenbekken van de Hunze (Jeroen Zomer)
2014 An archaeoseismological approach to seismic hazard assessment – a case study of the
Eşen Basin, Fetihiye – Burdur Fault Zone, SW Turkey’ (Bariş Yerli)
2009 Wonen in een grensgebied, Een lange termijn geschiedenis van het Oost-Nederlandse
dekzandlandschap (500 v.Chr.-1300 na Chr.) (Henk van der Velde)
MA Supervision- graduation year

2019 The Flood [Came Forth], its Destructive Power Came Upon the Peoples [Like a Battle].” The Effects of War on Mesopotamian Water Management (Fleur van der Sande) 
2017 Research into UNESCO-policy related to natural heritage (Evert Verhoeven)
2017 Een wijk op palen- Onderzoek naar de onderheide wijk in Diemen (Ronald van Gelder)
2016 Rivers Keep Many Secrets: Bronze and Iron Age Depositions of Human Remains
In River and Settlement Context (Andrea Pintar)
BA Supervision – graduation year
2016 Metal hoards of the Middle Danube Urnfield Culture and the exchange of metal in
Central Europe (Melissa van Neck)
2016 The contribution of stable isotope ratio analyses to migration studies in Aegean
archaeology (Iris Bollebakker)
2015 The Anthropocene: Early anthropogenic environmental change in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt Region (Germaine van der Sanden)
MSc supervision – graduation year
2016 Chemical characterization of compendiario faience from the Netherlands and the Ligurian area (northern Italy) from the 16th and 17th centuries (Simone Casale)
2012 Landscape archaeological research on Barcın Höyük (Mark Groenhuijzen)
2012 Living on the edge? A multi-scale geoarchaeological landscape study at Barcın Höyük,
Turkey (Michiel Künzel)
2012 A geo-archaeological and historical geographical approach to examine 18th and 19th
century pile driving in Amsterdam (Kay Koster)
2012 Paleao landscape reconstruction Veldhoven-Zilverackers, buried brook valley research (Northern Brabant, the Netherlands) (Eddy Bakker )
2011 Infernal Acherousia – Reconstructing Lake Acherousia, North-western Greece: landscape archaeological research cobing historical data, archaeology, geology, GIS, and ancient through modern literature (Jan Graven)
2010 Landscape reconstruction of Schokland (Noordoostpolder, Netherlands (Don van den
2010 The Neolitic in a Polllen diagram from the Opperkooten-pingo scar, Friesland (Inge de Kort)
2010 Landscape Evolution during Prehistoric Lake Shore Occupation, Fayum Basin, Egypt
(Annelies Koopman)
2009 Soil erosion and archaeology in Zakynthos – A geoarchaeological study on the impact of soil erosion on archaeological distributions (Myrsini Gkouma)
2008 The landscape at Zakynthos - Detailed geomorphological description of the south-eastern
part of the Vassilikos Peninsula (Annelies Storme)
2008 Relative sea level change at Zakynthos- Coastal evolution and tectonic history of the
central plain since Holocene (Melek Tendürüs)
2006 Cultuurhistorie gevangen in tijd en ruimte – Een methodologische studie naar de integratie van geogenetische en cultuurhistorische patronen en processen in het IJsselgebied (Loes Janssen)
MSc Research thesis supervision
2016 A reconstruction of the ancient coast line on the Alikes lagoon in the north of Zakynthos,
Greece, from 5000 BP onwards (Florens van Puijenbroek)
2015 Human influence on the vegetation during the Atlantic-Subboreal transition in the region
of the Uddelermeer, Veluwe, the Netherlands - a Palynological study (Merith Hogenes)
2014 Landscape reconstruction of a Neo- Mesolithic drowning landscape in North-East Flevoland (Arthur Hamel)
2011 Lithological Analysis of Holocene Lake Sediments in the Kalodiki Fen, Thesprotia, Western Greece - Issues and Possibilities of Mediterranean Wetland Data in Landscape Archaeology (Ruben Lelivelt)
2011 Landscape reconstruction using biostratigraphical information derived from the pingo remnant of Jistrum (Friesland, The Netherlands) (Eddy Bakker)
2009 Paleolandscape History in North Western Greece: A multi-proxy analysis of lake sediments (Myrsini Gkouma, Jan Graven & Inge de Kort)
2008 Landscape Reconstruction around Neolithic Kom W, Fayum, Egypt; a Geo-Archaeological Approach (Annelies Koopman)
2008 reconstruction of the landscape around the Roman city of Nikopolis, Greece – An integrated study using geomorphological, geophysical and geological research combined with archaeological data and soil analysis (Michiel Dekker & Renée van der Locht)
2006 Ancient landscape in Roman Nikopolis - Reconstruction of geomorphology and
Vegetation in the area of the Roman city of Nikopolis (Annelies Storme & Loes Janssen)
BSc supervision – graduation year
2010 Neanderthalers in Drenthe – een geoarcheologisch onderzoek (Mark Groenhuijzen)
2010 Onderzoek naar een Neanderthalerartefacten vindplaats (Madelon Pronk)
2010 Neanderthalers in Norg (Roel Verhagen)
2010 Veldonderzoek Neanderthaler Jachtkamp te Norg (Karin de Vries)
2010 The landscape history of Keri Lake (Zakynthos, Greece) (Joas van der Laan)
2009 Landscape reconstruction in the area of Melinado, Zakynthos (Greece) (Kay Koster)
2009 Reconstructie van het landschap rond de archeologische site ‘Tratturio Canio’ (Eddy Bakker)


2018 Funded by European Union: Horizon2020 MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS - Innovative Training Networks (ITN) TERRANOVA: The European Landscape Learning Initiative: Past and Future Environments and Energy Regimes shaping Policy Tools; € 4.1 MY 

2018 NWO, What went into the melting pot; co-applicant; € 800.000,00  

2017 CLUE+ - EGU Organisation & Travel € 800,00
2016 CLUE+ Environmental Humanities Center € 2.100,00
2016 VU Transition Office EGU Organisation & Travel € 400,00
2016 VU - Humanities EGU travel € 400,00
2016 CLUE+ - EGU Organisation & Travel € 400,00
2016 CLUE+ - IALA founding support € 2.965,00
2015 CLUE+ - EGU Organisation & Travel € 1.000,00
2010-2014 Vlaardingen Stadshart (NL) project € 45.655,00
2009-2013 Veldhoven-Zilverackers (NL) € 24.556,00
2006-2012 Post academisch scholingstraject € 80.000,00
2010 EGU - funding LAC2010 € 4.000,00
2010 KNAW - funding LAC2010 € 8.000,00
2010 RCE - funding LAC2010 € 10.000,00
2010 CLUE - funding LAC2010 € 4.000,00

Ancillary activities
  • GEO-LOGICAL Aardwetenschappelijk Onderzoek & Advies | Delft | Directeur/eigenaar | 2016-08-01 - present

Ancillary activities are updated daily

dr. Sjoerd Kluiving