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dr. Naomi Kloosterboer

Research Associate, Faculty of Humanities, Epistemology and Metaphysics

Research Associate, CLUE+

Personal information

I'm a lecturer and researcher in philosophy. This year I teach philosophy of mind in the philosophy bachelor and philosophy of science and ethics to students enrolled in biology, life sciences and biomedical science. 

My PhD project is part of the overarching project ‘Science beyond Scientism’, directed by prof.dr. René van Woudenberg. In 2015 I have visited the University of Birmingham for two months and in 2016 I was a Visiting Fellow of Philosophy at Harvard University.

My research within the project ‘Science Beyond Scientism’ focuses on rational agency and self-knowledge. More specifically, I engage in discussions centered around the first person perspective and transparency. Gareth Evans famously observed that when I answer a question about my mental life, e.g. ‘Do I believe that p?’, I consider the same things that I would attend to if I were to answer a question about the topic of my mental attitude, i.e., in this case p. I think this idea is very intuitive: if someone asks me whether I believe that it is raining, my thoughts will be about the weather and not about the mental state itself. However, I also think that a philosphical understanding of this intuition faces challenges. It conflicts with certain dominant views about the nature of our mental lives and mental agency, and views about the supremacy of the third person (and scientific) perspective regarding claims to knowledge.

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dr. Naomi Kloosterboer